Inclusion & Diversity Roadmap

An interactive tool to drive more inclusion and diversity within the EU Programmes for youth (Erasmus+ youth and the European Solidarity Corps).

This I&D Road Map (PDF) details the road we need to travel in the EU youth programmes to implement the Inclusion & Diversity Strategy for the Erasmus+ programme and the European Solidarity Corps. We can only reach our destination if all stakeholders contribute to inclusion and diversity in the youth sector.

Our destination: opportunities for all

  • A European youth international project can be a life-changing experience. We want to bring the EU programmes for youth within the reach of all young people.
  • Actually, we need to go even a step further. We should not create ‘equal opportunities’, but make sure that young people with fewer opportunities (and the organisations working with them) have equal access to the opportunities (equity rather than equality).
  • European funding should benefit all people in Europe, therefore it should be accessible to all, and especially to those young people that are at a disadvantage compared to their peers and usually do not access European youth projects

Three layers of content

  • 5 Roads
    These are the overarching main themes giving the general framework of the whole I&D Roadmap. Each Road has a specific colour, to make it more easily recognisable.
  • Milestones
    Each of the Roads has 3 main milestones. These break down the overall aim into more specific steps.
  • Actions and outcomes
    Each Milestone has concrete, specific suggestions for actions that will support that milestone, and some detail of what would change (outcomes) if those actions take place.

This I&D Road Map (PDF) was co-created with National Agencies, inclusion experts and beneficiaries working with young people with fewer opportunities. It also includes elements of the Inclusion & Diversity Strategy for Erasmus+ and European Solidarity Corps, results of the SALTO ID Survey (2019) and collated good practice from SALTO publications and research.

  • Different roads to more and better inclusion & diversity

    Different roads to more and better inclusion & diversity


The following downloads are available:

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