SALTO Inclusion Booklets in other languages

Not everybody speaks English. True. That's why a number of partners translated the SALTO Inclusion for ALL booklets into different languages. Find an overview of the SALTO Inclusion resources in different languages.

Overview of existing languages and future* translations
Booklet Languages
Making Waves (increasing the impact of your youth project) English, Greek, Turkish, Spanish, Latvian, French*, Portuguese
Use Your Hands to Move Ahead (short term EVS adapted to young people with fewer opportunities) English, Czech, French*
Going International-Opportunities for All (first time international inclusion projects) English, Dutch (Flanders), French*, Croatian
No Barriers No Borders (international mixed ability projects) English, Georgian, Russian, Polish, Slovak, Italian*, French*, Czech*, Albanian*
Village International (projects for rural youth) English, Turkish, Latvian, Russian*
No Offence (projects with young (ex)offenders and in prisons) English, Latvian
Over the Rainbow (respectful international projects for LesBiGay youth) English, French*
Fit for Life (using sports and outdoor to work with inclusion groups) English, Latvian*, French*
E.M.power booklet (empowering projects with Ethnic Minority young women) English
ID-booklet (making your youth work more inclusive and reach diverse target groups) English, Italian
Working on Work (using youth projects to lead unemployed young people towards work) English, Spanish, Estonian, Croatian
Inclusion through Employability (a review of recent literature and research on youth employment and social exclusion) Estonian, Czech, Italian*
Urban Solutions (a review of recent recent literature and research on social challenges in (sub)urban areas) English, Dutch (Flanders)
Inclusion A to Z (An compass to international Inclusion projects. The best of the SALTO Inclusion youth work manuals in one publication) Russian

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Translating the SALTO Inclusion for ALL booklets

Are you interested to translate one of the SALTO Inclusion for All booklets into your language? You can do so (preferably in cooperation with your National Agency).

  • Read the Translation Guidelines here
  • Contact Marija Kljajic ( to start cooperation on the translation of the Inclusion for All booklet(s).

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