Bridges to Work - creating better chances for young people on the labour market

Get inspired for youth employment and entrepreneurship: key-notes, project examples and actions from the Bridges to Work stakeholder conference. (Antwerp, 2011)

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The Bridges to Work report

Bridges to Work was an engaging European conference aimed at creating better opportunities for young people on the labour market, especially for those who are at a disadvantage, compared to their peers.

150 stakeholders, including young job seekers, employers, youth projects, policy-makers, funding programmes and researchers, exchanged experiences and developed future actions to help lead young people into employment or entrepreneurship.

This report shares the key-note contributions, the inspiring project examples and the proposals for concrete action to improve the employment situation of young people with fewer opportunities.

  • We give you the bricks of inspiration,
  • but you will have to build the bridges.

This booklet is part of the SALTO 'Inclusion for ALL' series. Check out the complete series at

A strategy to combat youth unemployment

This initiative is part of SALTO Inclusion's long-term strategy to combat youth unemployment. Bridges to Work and this report would not have been possible without the generous support of the various project partners.

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  • Bridges to Work inspirational report

    Bridges to Work inspirational report


The following downloads are available:

  • Bridges to Work conference report

    Get inspired by the Bridges to Work conclusions, the key-note speeches about youth employment and entrepreneurship and the plans for action to improve young people's chances on the labour market.

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