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Youth Work for Equality and Unity

The training activity took place
in Presenzano (CE), Italy
organised by CET Platform Italy
16-24 November 2019
Reference person

Tomislav Bogdan

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Aims & objectives

In most of the EU Countries young people don’t study human or civil rights in schools, and we believe that such important objective must be addressed by European NGOs that should work with youngsters in order to stop discrimination, radicalization and marginalization of the weakest categories of people. To raise awareness is important, but it’s essential to implement concrete actions of active citizenship to safeguard basic human rights, starting from properly developed competences. The project therefore aimed to involve youth workers and staff of the NGOs that actively work with young people, in order to significantly enhance and improve their competences, knowledge and abilities to be directly used in their organizations at local, national and international level. The Training was developed exactly from the willingness to either provide youth workers with competences and methods to organize and facilitate activities related to human rights and migration, and to improve the competences of the youth NGOs that took part to the project

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The Training course included the participation of 28 youth workers from the following Countries: Italy, Croatia, Germany, Greece, Hungary, North Macedonia, Sweden, Turkey, United Kingdom

Training methods used & main activities

Non-formal and informal learning methods were used throughout the duration of the Training. The scheduled activities went from the individual and group research, which prepared the participant to the training course, to the welcoming activities, icebreaking, teambuilding and checking expectations. Specific focus was also on storytelling activities and documentaries, interactive and theatre workshops, role-plays, simulation and study visits with social and welcome centres that work to promote migrants and refugees’ integration, to foster exchange of good practices

Outcomes of the activity

Thanks to the activities carried out throughout the project, participants had the opportunity to improve their key competences, as defined in the Youthpass and specific in relation to the topics of the Training.
In particular, main outcomes were related to:
-Knowledge about the right terminology in the field of Human Rights and migration, and related documents and institutions
-Enhancement of the concept of Europe as a democratic community; reflection on personal identity and values and deeper understanding on how they are reflected in the European context
-Improvement of social and interpersonal skills, increasing respect for each other and tolerance, but also empathy and ability to work with different socio-cultural groups
-Development of workshops led by participants, to replicate in each local community
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Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

As president of the hosting and coordinating NGO, I worked throughout the entire project cycle, writing the application and timetable, planning, organising and supervising all the projects phases, as well as managing the logistic and administrative aspects involved. Moreover, I was in charge to facilitate and train the group of participants taking part to the Training, from the welcoming part to the team building activities, from the thematic workshops, role plays and simulations to the individual learning activities and reflection moments

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

I am confirming that Andrea was working on this project together with me and in all phases of the project, from the preparation of the project proposal to implementation of all activities, not only during the training course but also in the dissemination phase of the project.

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