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Youth Policy linked with leisure time activities

The training activity took place
in Sagadi, Estonia
organised by Estonian Youth Work Centre (Ministry of Education and Research of Estonia) in cooperation with Ministries of Youth in Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium-FL
Reference person

Lieve Caluwaerts

(responsible for the cooperation programme within the division youth, Flemish Community)
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Aims & objectives

General aim:
- To assess which approach the youth policy takes towards leisure time activities and which influence the youth policy has towards leisure time activities.
- To support organisers of youth leisure time activities within their tasks and roles towards youngsters

Key questions:
- What are the roles of the different actors in implementing leisure time activities at local level? (from youth policy to youth leisure time activities)
- How to involve non-involved youth in leisure time activities? (mapping a target group and different approaches for supporting them)
- How can quality and security be guaranteed in developing leisure time activities? (using NFL and different topics in youth work; competencies needed to provide quality)

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Each country (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium- FL) sent five participants from different levels of youth work: policy marker on national level; Youth coordinator on regional or local level); Youth worker; volunteer.
Trainers team were also compiled: Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania, Belgium- FL

Training methods used & main activities

Main methodologies were learning by experience, discussions, communication, reflective approach.
The focus was put on participation of the group, participants active involvement, sharing of thoughts and feelings, learning by sharing, group work.

Outcomes of the activity

Main outcome was raising competencies of youth workers and increasing quality of youth leisure time as a non-formal educational activities for (non-involved) young people.
Each countries delegation developed guidelines for the actors in the youth field (both on policy level as well as providers of youth leisure time activities) how to involve young people with the special focus on the non-involved young people into youth work.

As documentation:
- All participants received CD with training materials + extra resources
- Every day was published Newspaper of a training

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Full-time trainer for preparation, realisation and evaluation of training.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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