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Youth for future

The training activity took place
in Węgierska Górka, Poland
organised by Porozumienie Pokoleń

Aims & objectives

The aim was to establish international contacts and further development of partnerships between organizations and capacity building of organizations implementing international projects. The project promoted exchanges, cooperation and training in the field of youth work. The theme of the project were activities for young people with fewer opportunities and youth policies at the level of the partner organizations. It was also an opportunity to develop skills and gain knowledge in this field, and also created the opportunity to exchange experiences and knowledge solutions applied in other countries and organizations. All lectures were moderated by professional trainers, and work in international teams helped to build the positive and friendly relationships in the classroom.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project participants were representing 14 organizations from 11 countries: Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Lithuania, Malta, Spain, Romania, Turkey and Poland. Aged: 18-45.

Training methods used & main activities

Brainstorming, evaluation, buzz groups, intercultural learning .The program "Youth for the Future" in addition to workshops provided intercultural evening - "In the culture", which allowed to show the cultural diversity and traditions, and integration event

Outcomes of the activity

The impact of this project will be measured in several ways . The first of these will be local level . Will be achieved through community involvement in the project activities , the creation of information base , increasing awareness, in a frequently skipped or even neglected . Through contact with the participants of people from the region will be often the first time the opportunity to meet with people outside the Polish borders . In addition, by conducting the relationship with the project by the local media of a project and learn the results worked out young people who have never had the opportunity to go , or participation in European youth programs . Make it an excellent field to search for their new solutions and opportunities, often associated with a wide range of training , training initiatives offered by Erasmus + . National level . Poland as a country capable tons of youth policy may determine the developmental trends among young people. With the organization of this type of project is an increase civic awareness and sense of responsibility for the very important issues , but unfortunately overlooked socially . Young people confronting their ideas with the ideas of others get an amazing opportunity to create innovative solutions that are extremely important when entering by them to the demanding job market.
European level . Erasmus + is designed to equip European citizens in the luggage of experience, knowledge and ideas into action. In our opinion, our design is the perfect solution in this matter. Due to the invitation to project representatives of different cultures (Turkey, Italy , Poland , Bulgaria , Romania) , we will be able to achieve excellent results impact on young people , in terms of collision with another , previously unknown environment , language , way of life or values. It is through projects like this , where we participated in the past, we understood that this change is real. With a little initiative , resourceful and commitment, we can create international projects in which they participate are the same people as we are ! This is an opportunity to rebut the stereotypes imposed on us , evil beliefs , whether ordinary ignorance.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Substantive preparation workshops. Communication with project partners. Managing change in the schedule. Customize the program to the needs of the participants. Integration. Moderation of discussion panels. Evaluation. Feedback.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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