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Young Voices - Teambuilding and intercultural communication 2013 and 2014

The training activity took place
in Berlin, Germany
organised by FEZ-Berlin, Kinder-, Jugend- und Familienzentrum
2013 and 2014

Aims & objectives

Young Voices teambuilding:
Aim: to give a training to a group of young people (Young Voices) about teambuilding and communication in order for them to prepare alone the activities of an international youth exchange

Young Voices intercultural communication:
Aim: to give a training to a group of young people (Young Voices) about intercultural communication in order for them to work with a stronger intercultural sensibility for/with their participants

Young Voices topic of 2013: Children Rights
Young Voices topic of 2014: Sustainability

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The team is German and French.
The Young Voices group is from Germany.
The participants are coming from all over Europe.

Training methods used & main activities

- non formal communication techniques
- teambuilding methods
- conflict resolution methods
- intercultural learning methods
- language animation
- exchange of practices

Outcomes of the activity

The Young Voices are prepared for their tasks and are able to work better together or to look for solutions that are adapted to their needs. They can reflect on their teamwork and give workshops to international groups of participants.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I am a full-time trainer

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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