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"You are part of this world, Be part of its future"

The training activity took place
in Brasov, Romania
organised by A.R.T. Fusion Association and FOND Romania
19-26 February 2010

Aims & objectives

The main goal of the project was to increase the level of awareness in the area of sustainable development among young Europeans.
It wass addressed to 29 young people from all over Europe (Europeans and African Diaspora Representatives) that went through a training course in Romania to become global education multipliers.
More specific objectives of the training course were:
-To increase the knowledge level of young people in topics like: global interdependencies (from cultural, economical and political approach), MDG-s, social and global justice, climate change, consumerism and sustainable lifestyle,
-To create pro-active attitudes towards global issues;
-To encourage participation and involvement of young people in social processes;
-To develop sense of common responsibility for the future of their local communities from a global perspective;
-To develop practical skills in “awareness making” in their own communities;
-To stimulate the participants to act as global education multipliers in their own organization and regions;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The training was addressed to 29 young people from all over Europe (Europeans and African Diaspora Representatives) which present interest or motivation to engage in global education field-UK-1, Spain-1,Poland-2, Slovenia-2, Lithuania-3, Bulgaria-4, Czech Republic-3, Italy-5, Ireland-4, Romania-4.

Training methods used & main activities

Working methods used to achieve the learning objectives:
- Ice breakers;
- Team building exercises;
- Tasks stimulating creativity;
- Role plays;
- Simulation
- Improvisation tasks and games;
- Work in pairs, group work;
- Brainstorming;
- Labyrinth game;
- Informal and structured discussions;
- Movies
- Debates
- Individual and group presentations;

Outcomes of the activity

More informations about the evaluation process and the impact on the participants can be found on this website:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My role was of full time trainer and coordinating the team of trainers. We made
- the training need analyze
- selection of participants
- preparation and pre-seminar learning tasks;
- developing the concept and the sesions (plus materials);
- delivering of sessions;
- conducting reflections group;
- evaluation (short and long term);
- report for the organizers;

I worked on this training for 7 days days as a full time trainer.

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