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YFJ Academy - Advocacy Training

The training activity took place
in Vilnius, Lithuania
organised by European Youth Forum

Aims & objectives

The training provided insights and understanding of advocacy to the YFJ member organisations. The advocacy training is part of the forums work plan.
Aims and Objectives of the training:
• General framework of advocacy: theoretical and practical approach (what, when, how, why)
• Understanding a political cycle (national levels and European levels by using case examples)
• Identifying the target groups: policy makers (politicians, civil servant),
business, NGOs, public etc.
• Present difference between public and targeted advocacy/lobbying
• Understanding the political actors’ perspective: What do they want? How do they want it? When do they want it?
• Coalition building on an issue with other NGOs
• Political communication

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The training had participants from 28 member organisations of the forum, with 35 participants from all over Europe.

Training methods used & main activities

I contributed mostly brainstorming and reflection methods to the training. Additionally I coordinated a simulation to plan an advocacy campaign that took for most of the programme.

Outcomes of the activity

The activity provided an entry level of knowledge to advocacy and campaigning. It raised many questions and provided follow up information to satisfy curiosity developed during the training. It did not seek to produce an independent intellectual outcome.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I drafted the framework programme and implemented several workshops throughout the training. I coordinated the agenda and provided the follow up

I worked on this training for 3 days as a full time trainer.

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