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X- Change Contact Making Seminar

The training activity took place
in Cork, Ireland
organised by Leargas
March 2013

Aims & objectives

Develop contacts and networks to engage in youth exchanges with other participants interested in working creatively with the theme of
Inclusion and/or Empowerment
* Allow for the engagements of Newcomers in Youth Exchange projects
* To create space to share information and experiences of their organisation, target groups and projects working across the theme of
creativity inclusion and/or Empowerment
* To present a range of creative tools and methods appropriate to working with themes of creativity inclusion and/or Empowerment and
to use the methods to build relations in group and to prepare to action on project development.
* Gain a clear view of the possibilities and priorities within the Youth in Action Programme
* Understand how to include non formal learning and Youthpass in Youth Exchange Projects

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group were youth workers/ leaders interested in meeting partners in order to develop youth exchange programmes. There were a total of 32 participants coming from Croatia, Czech Republic, Denmark, France, Hungary, Italy, Malta, Poland, Spain. Romania, Netherlands, Poland & Ireland.

Training methods used & main activities

Some Samples of Activities included....
Name games
A range of interactive name games to familiarise people with others in the group.
1. In a circle every person gets a change to say their names and make up a movement associated to it. In a second round, each person has to call out names
and movements of the people before their won one.
2. In a circle each person throws a ball to another person of their choice. They need to say their own and the other persons name.
Drawing on chalk cloths in pairs
This series of exercises explored the idea of dialogue and creative flow. Using a carousel system each exercise was carried out with a different partner. Each drawing had different rules eg,
A makes a mark, B makes a mark, continued,
A makes a line, B makes a line at the point A finished, continued
A & B draw simultaneous on page without lifting chalk.
while responding to music etc
An Orange goes traveling, warm up
The group assembles in a circle: an orange gets passed on from the elbow bend
to underneath the chin to the elbow bend and so on … more than one object can
be in circulation.
Team Building: the tower
Each group has seven minutes, to create the tallest freestanding structure with
magazine/newspapers sheets and masking tape.
We used the Belbin Team model to discuss the in the team the strategies and roles that they employed

Outcomes of the activity

Some feedback;
*It was a great and inspiring experience with positive energy. I hope you will keep doing it because it was interesting.
*Good work. You are fantastic and it was a great experience.
* It was a fantastic seminar. I found it really helpful and am really exited to develop my project. The trainers were excellent. Thank you for the opportunity.
* You are doing a great job, you have great and creative material and resources, your team is very skilled, so keep doing it.
* More of these seminars in the future!

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

All aspects of Programme Design, Delivery and Evaluation.
Communications with NA and final reporting

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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