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Values to Visions

The training activity took place
in Germany
organised by Europahaus Aurich
4th - 11th Jan 2012

Aims & objectives

The Training Course aims to:

• Empower and motivate youth workers involved in the field of international youth work, through linking and connecting their individual/professional motivations, values and visions to their every day/grass-root level work on local, national and international level.
• To explore and examine youth workers own individual values, thoughts and cultural approaches to youth work and those of other participants, thus engendering a broader sense of ones purpose within the field of international youth work.
• To explore Youth in Action- programme in the context of values and visions and to encourage projects within the programme.
• Support youth workers own self-directed (life long) learning.

The objectives of the training course are to:
• Support and empower youth workers in their personal development and self-directed (life long) learning, by providing the space, tools, and support necessary for this to happen
• Create a space to reflect, explore and determine ground values and beliefs of the individuals, and compare them to the actual values and visions represented through their organisations, as well as through their involvement in the field of international youth work. (Youth in Action- Programme)
• Using non-formal methodology to give youth workers the opportunity to reflect their own values and thoughts as they relate to international youth projects, based on their real experiences.
• To examine their own individual and cultural approaches to youth work and those of other participants, through small group discussion and project work, thus engendering a broader sense of purpose working in the field of youth work.
• Explore and demystify the different European directions, visions and trends in the field of youth work and (non-formal) education, and break them down into clear and concrete objectives applicable to the youth work on local level
• Promote the Youth in Action- programme in general, as a tool for youth work.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The Training Course was targeted to multipliers, youth workers, youth leaders, social workers, community workers, and any other individuals working with young people with the motivation for learning, sharing and self-development - coming from 7 countries

Training methods used & main activities

This training course was facilitated mainly through non-formal education methods. The design and selected approaches of the training course supported the guidelines and principles of the Youth in Action -programme, adapting to different learning styles of the participants.

Outcomes of the activity

Empowerment and self-development of youth workers through exploring one's own values, cultural backgrounds, agendas and visions, comparing and relating them to the values, future trends and visions of European level youth work, youth policies and non-formal education. On a more concrete level, the training course aims to create a space for (supported) self-reflection, as well as space and tools to discuss, demystify, debate and concretise “European values”, as well as look in to future directions in the field of international youth work and (non-formal) education, and furthermore, brake them down to concrete steps for individual youth workers to be more consistent and motivated in their grass-root level youth work. The training course is based on the principles of Youth in Action- programme, introducing and promoting the use of it as a tool for local, national and international level youth work.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Planning, implementing and evaluating the training course as a part of the trainers' team.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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