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Urban Youth TC1

The training activity took place
in Budapest, Hungary
organised by SALTO Inclusion, the Hungarian and the French N.A-s of the YIA programme
6-11 December, 2011
Reference person

Marija Kljajic

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Aims & objectives


To support youth workers in working for inclusion in (sub)urban areas.


1) To create a space for youth workers to reflect on their own practices in (sub)urban contexts, and the values and principles that underlie these practices.
2) To exchange and learn about good inclusive practices amongst youth workers working with young people from disadvantaged (sub)urban areas.
3) To promote the Youth in Action Programme as a tool for inclusive youth work.
4) To encourage the further professional development of youth workers through developing projects with young people from (sub)urban areas, networking, and long term self-development strategies.

Urban Youth TC1 realised in 2011 was the first training activity of the long term training course Urban Youth to be completed by 2013.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

At Urban Youth TC1 there were 22 participants from 15 countries, all of them being youth workers working for inclusion in (sub)urban areas.
The team of trainers was composed of: Graeme Tiffany (UK), Clara Carbunar (France) and me.
Also Marija Kjajic (SALTO), Gilles Baccala (French N.A.) and Gabriella Zs. Nagy and Nóra Frank (Hungarian N.A.) were present as support people.

Training methods used & main activities

I used mainly non formal, interactive methods, based on the principles of cooperative learning (e.g. world café).

Outcomes of the activity

Based on participants' evaluation forms we can state that TC1 was a success: all participants reported significant learning, the most relevant aspects being “learning about the values and the principles that underline practices in (sub)urban context” and “getting knowledge about tools and methods”.
The training report with detailed evaluation data is available at SALTO Inclusion, on request.
However, as Urban Youth is a long term traning course, a full evaluation can be done only at the very end, in 2013, after TC2.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was a full-time trainer during the whole training activity, collaborating with the other team members.

My main task in the trainers' team was to include the topic of YIA as a tool for inclusion, with a practical-pragmatic point of view, providing imput and share my experience about international projects, making participants share experience and reflect about how much their international projects are inclusive /if they have some/ and encourage them to start using the YIA programme for inclusion projects.
Another task for me was to organise a relevant field visit in Budapest.
Finally, I also contributed to the process with documentation, putting together the training report.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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