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Training for multipliers of European Portfolio for Youth Workers and Youth Leader

The training activity took place
in EYC Strasbourg
organised by Council of Europe, DYC
2-5 April 2006

Aims & objectives

Overall aim:
To empower participants to act as motivators of the use of the Portfolio during the test phase

a. To facilitate the understanding of the concept & the context of the Portfolio
(Background, objectives, use and importance of it)
b. To share and compare understandings of youth work and non-formal education/learning
c. To experiment with the Portfolio
d. To share and describe participant’s reality in which they will use the Portfolio
e. To explore different ways to encourage others to use the Portfolio
f. To enable participants to design individual work plans for the test phase (their role and their tasks)
g. To agree on a communication strategy for the test phase

There were 23 participants from national and international youth organizations, representing European Youth Forum, New Partners, European Youth Services, and SALTO. Outcome was the trained multipliers that tested the Portfolio with their peers and were contributing to assessment of relevance of Portfolio and it's upgrade before the final stage.
I was part of the international team of five members (I was the only female) and was co-training on subjects: CASE STUDIES ON VALUES IN YOUTH WORK, NFE & NFL; YOUTH WORK REALITIES AROUND EUROPE; IDENTIFYING PERSONAL TARGET GROUPS, CLUSTERING IN GROUPS AND WORKING ON MOTIVATION AND SUPPORT STRATEGIES; MOTIVATION STRATEGY FOR TEST PHASE. Also, as part of team I was in charge for one of the reflection groups.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

23 participants from Salto, European Youth Forum, New partners and Youth Services - multipliers for test phase of using Portofolio

Training methods used & main activities

Presentations, discussions, small groups work, reflection groups, work in pairs, simulations.

Outcomes of the activity

Test phase realized and multipliers work was followed-up by trainers team.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team


I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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