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Training Course “Developing Competences in Organizing Youth Outdoor projects”

The training activity took place
in Republic of Macedonia - Kumanovo
organised by Streets Festival

Aims & objectives

- To strength the practical knowledge on how to organize youth outdoor events with emphases on difficulties and strategies, project cycle management for large outdoor projects (festivals) and street activities and animation;
- To prepare young people with appropriate knowledge, skills, and attitudes to play an active role in organizing youth outdoor events at the local, national and international level;
- To make open space for discussions and allow young people to express their creativity in order to promote employment of young artists with emphases on Roma people;
- To give the opportunity to young people to meet and work with people from different countries and different background, in order to foster the intercultural learning process;
- To share experience and improve their skills on promotion and public relations for youth NGO’ that work on organizing outdoor events;
- To share experiences on issues such as prevention of drug usage on outdoor events, and enforce organizers to in consideration the protection of the public;
- To make open discussions and raise ideas for fundraising for and during the youth outdoor events;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

two main target groups of participants:
• Youth workers: assessing and developing competences to work with young people using music as a tool, to include youth with fewer opportunities in the projects on local level, to organize street actions
• Youth project managers: to understand the complexity of organizing a large outdoor event for young people, to support the process of employment of young artists, to understand problems such as drug abuse on festivals and how to prevent it.
Participants were from: Czech Republic, Lithuania, Estonia, Poland, Albania, Kosovo and Macedonia.
Team of trainers: 2 trainers from Macedonia and one from Croatia

Training methods used & main activities

- theoretical input
- field exercise
- outdoor activities
- discussions
- work in small groups
- reflection
- role-play

Outcomes of the activity

Participants got basic knowledge and skills on:
- how to organize outdoor street actions for young people
- how to work in a team
- culture and tolerance

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

• Preparing for the Training Course
Develop the program and working methodology with the team. Provide suggestions how to improve the program based on participants needs
• During the Training Course
Run part of the workshops; discussions and exercises during the training course
Support the team in their workshops
Provide expert input if necessary
• After the Training Course
Provide brief trainers report
Provide suggestions to the host organization on possible areas of improvement of the organization of such projects.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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