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ToT Transforming Narratives - online training

The training activity took place
in online
organised by UNOY peacebuilders
01.02-01.04 2018

Aims & objectives

The online ToT (feb-apr 2018) was there to prepare participants for the offline/face to face ToT (apr 2018),particulary aiming at
- Kick off the ToT,
- Ice breaking and on-line coworking,
- Create/level a common baseline of competence on peace education (both on conflict transformation and being a trainer) and raise the self-awareness,
- boost participants' motivation and committment for the ToT and its follow-up phase.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

20 participants from different countries: the Netherlands, Ireland, Syria, Germany, Bosnia, Georgia, Ukraine, Mnyamar, etc.

Managing organisation is Dutch, as well as the project manager (Imre Veenam). As my cotrainer there was Ivan Bobelev (Czech).

Training methods used & main activities

NFE following NAOMIE and KOLB's guidelines for designing, implementing and evaluating the flow, methodologies and method.

Main subjects of training: creative presentations, change of perspective, creative problem solving, troubleshooting @ trainings, constructive feedback, flow designing, session planning, coworking, ispirational stories, various definitions of peace building, conflict transofrmations and other keywords of peace education, transforming narratives

Examples of methods used are: find possible and sustainable solutions (grouped with a virtual co-training team) for possible issues occurring when giving trainings on peace education in conflictive environments; create a collective chart of do's and dont's of trainers; watching inspirational videos and/or do self-assessment tests to reflect on own-self as trainer/peace builder etc.

Outcomes of the activity

the online ToT is the stage 1 of 3 (next are the offline ToT and the followup). Thanks to the accomplishment of the qualitative online preparation, participants arrived to the face-to-face training already knowing each other and having already coworked in small groups. They also felt like knowing already trainers and started from the intro evening with a wholeheart dedication to the project. Trainers had also the chance of adjusting the program of the offline tot thanks to what occurred in the online tot, i.e. knowing something of each aprticipants, aware of the general level of competence, etc.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

1 of the 2 trainers (in charge of online training - phase 1; onsite training - phase 2; and coaching follow up - phase 3)

Planning each workshop day (once a week for 8 weeks), prepare the working materials, communicate with participants, collecting their homework/assignments, giving feedback and restitution.

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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