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Tools of animation

The training activity took place
in Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Portugal, Lithuania etc.
organised by INCA, INCA Italia, INCA Catalunya, Puzzle, Ble Demones, SORIJO
22/09/06 ongoing
Reference person

Stefano D'Argenio

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Aims & objectives

Title: Tools of Animation for an Active European Citizenship
Theme: Basic Tools of Animation
The project proposes the analysis of the following themes:
Cultural diversity, Environment, Conflicts and European Citizenship.
Number of participants: 20-25
General Aims and Objectives:
The main aims of the training course are to:
• Provide tools of intervention through non-formal education and animation by valuing diversity and the intercultural learning
• Train young people, youth workers and animators using basic tools of animation such as clown, juggling, acrobatic, theatre etc.
The training course proposes to:
• Deliver knowledge and competences at international level
• Develop the practical skills of trainers, volunteers, youth workers etc.
• Expand the relationship with organisations involved in promoting Diversity, Human rights and citizenship
• Promote Diversity using intercultural methodologies
• Activate innovative training processes through non-formal practices and animation
Project description:
We offer to young people, Youth Workers, Tutors etc. the possibility to develop their attitudes and skills from an intercultural perspective.
Participants have the opportunity to exchange their own experiences, share skills and develop new ideas throughout the programme of activities delivered by an international team.
A space is built to participate in a range of activities to exchange their own cultures, ideas, experiences and aspirations.
They analyse the various meanings of interculturality and the need of people of different cultures, backgrounds.
The team changes in each country.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Emanuele, Luca, Pierluigi and Stefano have developed the format “Tools of Animation”, course of residential and international trainings with integrated laboratories of physical theatre, clown, object manipulation, mime, plays and video live performances with demonstration of final work. The course has the objective to give practical tools for the use of the theatre (and more generally of its performing capacity) for the creation of artistic products with social contents.

Training methods used & main activities

The training has been carried out in Italy, Germany, UK, Spain, Lithuania and Portugal and has been organized in Spain and Germany for the second edition. In each context it has been developed the social issue that locally has proved more interesting (pollution, immigration-racism, democratic participation, activism, etc..) and adapted the laboratories for the preparation of demonstrations of job of strong impact. We believe in the possibility that theatre and the bodily expressiveness offer for the knowledge and the improvement of themselves. We believe in continued education for a democratic development of society.

Outcomes of the activity

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I have been in charge of several activities:
- Workshops of Juggling, Clown, Mime and theatre
- Energisers
- Facilitate Debates and Presentation
- Lead Educational Games and Simulation Exercices
I planned and developed sessions, given individual and team support, organised evaluations, delivered issue-based discussion groups.

I worked on this training for (10) days as a full time trainer.

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