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TNT- Contact seminar

The training activity took place
in Poronin
organised by Fundacja Aktywni w Europie

Aims & objectives

Our goal is to further develop and active involvement in the international forum.
One of our members had the opportunity to participate in the meeting at which he learned about the possibility of
organization of the meeting, to which you can invite potential partners and talk to them about future cooperation. It
was undoubtedly something we need to exist in the international environment. Results of our activities will be to find new partners for projects under the Erasmus Plus.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Project participants are representatives of NGOs and public institutions from several countries. All of them are interested in finding new partners for the implementation of international activities, broadening their experience, and above all want to jointly implement interesting and valuable projects. Persons representing partner organizations are with us in touch. Among them are representatives of the organizations of workers and youth leaders, teachers, instructors, volunteers. Project participants are persons aged 21-45 years. The project involves a similar number of men and women, the proportions are similar to 50/50

Training methods used & main activities

Methods of work that we want to use during the project discussed with the coaches (about recommended to us by one of the organizations), who have considerable experience in implementing this type of project. We came to the conclusion that the methods of work of which we will use for the project are to encourage participants to share ideas and experiences with newfound partners in order to create the ground for further cooperation.
We focus on:
- active participation
- Creativity
- Innovation
We also know that to work well during a first stage to build a team, to integrate the group, to create favorable conditions and a good atmosphere. We will work through discussions, presentations in groups and teams. We use a technique of open space to enable the realization of plans and intentions, meet the expectations of the participants. We do not forget kilkunastominutowych breaks for coffee / tea and gather some energy and freshness. We will also remember that each receive a boost of energy in the form of Energizer. The participants by working in teams prepared their presentations, sharing knowledge and experience will gain new skills. We do not forget also about spending pleasant evenings in the international circle (plan to intercultural evening as refreshments and a short, few minute presentation country, region). To make a preliminary assessment and analysis of completed actions we proceed to final evaluation (during the project we will do a brief summary of each day, the first day we will assess a preparatory stage in our team we will assess the process of preparation). As part of the final evaluation, participants complete the questionnaire evaluating the project, we will evaluate jointly developed plans for further cooperation, we will consider how to maintain ongoing contacts, exchange information.
August-October 2015
actions summing up the project (evaluation after the project, the conference online with all partners), steps to promote the results of the project (meetings organized by all partner groups in local communities) to create a database of contacts and share them with other interested organizations)

Outcomes of the activity

The objective pursued by the preparatory phase of the project is to establish lasting and fruitful cooperation in the international environment. We want to take full advantage of the various stages of the project to best prepare for joint action. Project activities and their effect established contacts have resulted in new projects. The active participation of all partners of the project is to contribute to the creation of many valuable ideas for projects, and during the evaluation process, partners will elaborate the details of cooperation initiated. We want to create so-called. a bank of ideas and opportunities that will benefit not only the participants, but everyone interested. In the framework of cooperation at the local level we want to encourage participants to share their knowledge in their midst, to present the effects of measures, help in contacts between the groups.

Our actions to ensure visibility of the project and promotion of the program:
- Preparation of promotional and informational materials about the project with the logo of the program (training materials, gadgets)
- The inclusion of information about the project on the website
- Providing participants with detailed information about Erasmus Plus Youth (including through meeting during the project with the regional program consultant)
- Interest in the project activities and effects of the media, other organizations
- Meeting with the local community, offering a chance to reach a wider audience
- Made available to interested persons, institutions, organizations established contacts
- To take steps to implement projects resulting from cooperation initiated
- Maintaining regular contact with partner groups, exchange of information
- Presentation of the activities and outcomes of the project in our local environment

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Preparation, Implementation and Evaluation of whole process.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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