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Theatre Workshops and Masterclassess - Social Inclusion Teatro in Formazione

The training activity took place
in Rome, IT
organised by Teatro Furio Camillo, PerformerZen®, TriBuana

Aims & objectives

The aims of the project were to link different theatre and social contexts; to create a network and a group of youth actors. Was proposed above all Theatre as social and intercultural tool.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

A lot of people took part to this project: youth, seniors, differently able, immigrates, actors, dancers, ex prisoners, teenager at risk, etc. Coutries involved were Italy, France, Spain, Japan, Indonesia, Cina.
Total number of participants: 300. Many performances and Dvd’s have been product.

Training methods used & main activities

Each trainer proposed his training around theatre, dance, pedagogy, psycology and other disciplines.
About me, as trainer, I propose some activities from theatre work. For example: opening a session of work in circle; doing some exercises for icebreaking; moving in the space; contact with body and selfconsciousness; acting; dancing; directing and performing. Moviemaking!

Outcomes of the activity

The project proposes the analysis abuot Cultural diversity, Intervention on Socilal’s behalf, Environment, Conflicts and European Citizenship, local Citizenship, Cultural identity. Many performances and Dvd’s have been product.
Training was a graet success: each year was financed by Regione Lazio and Provincia di Roma. Many artists would take part in it. We create some very good connections between ol the people and the groups who took part in the project. Also, we create a great group of youth actors which are working professionally today.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the Art Diractor of the project, and one of the trainers. As art director and pedagogical responsable, i spoke a lot to each trainer so that the project could respect the differences of their propositions but also to have a common red line.
Other trainers were: Hal Yamanuochi, Tapa Sudana, Giancarlo Sepe, Robert McNeer, Marcello Sambati, Nicolai Roberta, and many others…

I worked on this training for 5-12 each workshops days as a full time trainer.

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