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The Other Perspective

The training activity took place
in Kampala (Uganda) + Busteni (Romania)
organised by A.R.T. Fusion(Romania) + BINS (Serbia)
29.10-7-11.2021 and 29.04-8.05.2022
Reference person

Aleksa Savic

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Aims & objectives

Among the many groups, which are considered to be different in their communities, one of the most discriminated and in danger in our global society is the LGBTQ+ community. /
Various reports and researches are signalling there are still 70 countries where same-sex relationships are criminalized, and the homophobia is at high level in so many other countries in the world. The Homophobic views and discriminatory actions are often fuelled by ignorance, lack of contact with differences and low exposure to different perspectives in the society.
The Partners involved in this project are based in Botswana, Nigeria, North Macedonia, Romania, Serbia, South Africa and Uganda.
Main aim of this project was to build the capacity of the consortium members to bring about awareness to general public about LGBTQ+ rights and to advocate for policy changes in these matters.

For more specific objectives we envisioned:
-To provide a space for sharing the best practices among youth organization from 2 continents, specifically on the topic of activism for LGBTQ+ Rights
-To increase the level of innovation and creativity in youth work field dealing with LGBTQ+ rights;
-To increase the knowledge level of young people and youth workers in topics like: Human Rights (values, principles, case studies), LGBTQ+ Rights history and movement, social exclusion, intercultural dialogue, tolerance;
-To empower LGBTQ+ activists to continue their work in a more impactful way;
-To develop youth workers’ competencies in various human rights education methods such as living library, and legislative theatre.
-To stimulate youth organizations to advocate for LGBTQ+ rights and influence policies in their communities and at global level.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The project’s main beneficiaries (38 youth workers from Romania, Serbia, North Macedonia, Botswana, Nigeria, South Africa and Uganda) took part in a long-term training course focused on developing practical working competencies in the human rights field.
The general structure of the project was as follows
- Selection and preparation of participants (including National Context Research) (June-September 2020)
- First residential training course on LGBTQ+ rights, Living Library and Living Book Club Sessions as methods of promotion of diversity and respect for human rights ) (Kampala/Uganda, 29th October - 7th November 2021)
- Local Events in each community (November 2021-April 2022) (each team had to prepare and implement Living Library events for at least 200 people in each country, with support and coaching from the educational team)
- Second residential training course for advanced competencies in educating and advocating for LGBTQ+ rights (focus on legislative theatre) (Busteni/Romania, 28th April – 8th May 2022)
- Local Events prepared by each national team for advocating for LGBTQ+ rights using the Legislative Theatre method for at least 200 people (belonging to the LGBTQ+ community and relevant policy makers) – May September 2022
- Evaluation meeting of the entire project–Novi Sad/Serbia (November 2022); 2 participants participated in this meeting ;
- Promoting the Results of the Project - between September and December 2022 in the local and international communities.

Training methods used & main activities

The first training activities used are from this manual: + +

The second training activities used are from this manual:

Outcomes of the activity

The main project results were:
- A network of strong organizations competent in using Living Library and Legislative Theatre on 7 countries, on 2 continents
-7 youth organization with more capacity in influencing the policy making process in their communities.
- A team of 38 confident and empowered LGBTQ+ rights educators and advocators from 7 countries (Serbia, Romania, Botswana, North Macedonia, Uganda, South Africa and Nigeria)
- Research about the situation of LGBTQ_Rights exposing the current state of art in these issues
- More than 2244 direct beneficiaries which took part in the Living Library events and Legislative Theatre Performances
- Advocacy process for changing LGBTQ+ rights related policies that are currently in the process in 7 countries.
- 19 Legislative Theatre performances that were delivered in 7 countries
- 83 local volunteers who were involved in local performances
-196 Living Books among whom 136 were from LGBTQ+ community
- 24 Living Libraries organized in various communities
-Project videos : - Living Library - Legislative Theatre
-Podcasts Produced in the project with Living Books from LGBTQ+ Community

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My role was of full-time trainer and coordinating the team of trainers. Together we realised the
- Learning needs analysis
- Selection and preparation of participants
- Preparation and coordination of local activities;
- Design of the training sessions and preparation of materials
- Delivery of sessions;
- The short and long-term evaluation;
- Drafting and finalizing the manual;
- Report to the organizers;

I worked on this training for 16 days as a full time trainer.

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