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TCA Master the network. Efficient partner search and management

The training activity took place
in Mollina, Spain
organised by Spanish Erasmus+ National Agency

Aims & objectives

- To reflect about the role of partners in Erasmus+ projects, their rights and duties and
their desirable characteristics.

- To show the different ways to look for partners and to share good practices within this

- To explore the key dimensions in an effective cooperation in the frame of an Erasmus+

- To go deep into the partners agreement, a key tool for an effective cooperation among
international partners.

- To promote the involvement of every partner in the phases of visibility, dissemination
and explotation of results.

- To make the participants familiar with the main ICTs in project management.

- To provide the participants with the needed resources to solve conflicts in the frame of an Erasmus+ project.

- To define a methodology for the evaluation and improvement of partnerships within

- To exchange innovative ideas connected to the objectives of this training course.

- To reflect about the learning process of each participant using the frame of key
competences and Youthpass.

- To discover Erasmus+: Youth in Action programme and its different actions as a tool to
support the objectives of this training course.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Group: Youth workers, youth leaders and project coordinators. 22 participants from: Spain, Greece, Italy, Turkey, Belgium, Bulgaria, Norway and Poland.
Trainers team: Vanessa Moreno Sierra, Alberto García García and Aida Fructuoso Pareja.

Training methods used & main activities

This training course has included workshops and interactive sessions on the following topics:

- Introduction to Erasmus+
- The role of partners in the frame of Erasmus+ projects / The ideal
- Key resources in the search of partners.
- Good practices analysis in the search of partners
- Key aspects of an effective cooperation with international partners
- Good practices analysis in the partnerships management
- Partnership agreement – Key element for the relationship among
- Involvement of partners in visibility and dissemination of results
- ICT tools for the management of international projects
- Conflict resolution among organizations
- Evaluation of the cooperation with partners + - Methodology and design of improvement proposals

Outcomes of the activity

The participants have significantly increased their knowledge on Networking and on how to stablish new and long term partnerships in the frame of Erasmus+: Youth in Action.

After the activity, the participants have stayed in touch and some of them have developed new projects between their organizations.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Coordinator and trainer

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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