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Sports can change your Life

The training activity took place
in El Masnou , Spain
organised by Asociación Mundus
7/12/2015 -14/12/2015

Aims & objectives

To present to participants the concept of Education through Sport and to explore sport and physical activity as instruments for strengthening social cohesion and mutual understanding
To build up competences of participants in the field of using sport as an educational tool, enhancing inclusion and participation, for work with youngsters
To equip participants with practical examples of using sport as a tool for increasing active participation and provoke social changes
To explore the concept of Leadership through sport
To empower participants to act as multipliers in their local communities
Exchange of project ideas and best practices in youth work with a special focus on using sport as a tool for work with young people

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants countries: Italy, Romania, Moldavia , Spain, Portugal, Makedonia, Bulgaria, France, Greece

The proposed training course addresses all members of the youth partner organizations involved in, interested to develop their entrepreneurial competences and to multiply the effect of the project within their local communities. The main target group is composed of professional or volunteer youth workers, trainers, EVS mentors or project managers all working in the youth sector. The selection of participants for this course will be made by the partner organizations after the approval of the project according to the eligibility criteria as follows. All participants selected for this course must be:
To be actively involved in the organization and in general in the youth field in their community
To be able to attend the full duration of the training course and fully able to communicate and work in English language
To be committed to disseminate the results within their organizations, and to multiply the impact of the project by actively working with youth in their local communities

Training methods used & main activities

The program of the course will be based on non-formal education and Education through Sport specific methodology. Activities involving intercultural dialogue and communication and will be also conducted during the training course, using highly interactive and participative approach. Participants' prior experiences in youth work and sport sector will be important and used in the development of the learning process. Active teamwork, outdoor and sport activities and plenary discussions, as well as theoretical inputs will characterize the program of the course in order to cover all aspects of the project themes.

Outcomes of the activity

Young workers participating in the project will gain an experience of informal education that will be useful for future work within their organizations and local communities. Sport as a tool change is attractive to young people, especially for those who are bored in static educational activities.
The project has a direct impact on participants and their organization respectively, as it will boost opportunities for young future leaders, enabling them to develop the necessary skills, such as confidence and experience.
Participants will acquire different skills and a better understanding of the values ​​and principles of the ETS and the use of sport to achieve educational outcomes. The project will enable participants to gain experience in a number of different situations and make them feel more connected to peers based on sports projects at local and European level.
The aim is that these social and youth workers become models for other young people in their communities and a more active and healthy behavior is encouraged among future generations.
Through the methodology ETS proposal, the current project strives to implement innovative measures used in terms of strengthening participation in sport connected to education. After implementation of the project is expected to young people to work in favor of increasing employability and competitiveness in the labor market thanks to the skills acquired through non-formal education, as the project is focused on providing solutions for a sustainable impact and maintained over time.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Trainer, responsible of specific workshops, non formal methodology design and learning by doing sport dynamic and tools

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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