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Share European

The training activity took place
in Cluj, Romania
organised by Share Federation - Cluj2015: European Youth Capital
05th to 08th December 2014

Aims & objectives

To provide participants with imputes to give and European Dimension to Cluj EYC 2015. Main goal is to to create a precedent for the use of such horizontal measures and other programs, major projects, or even government strategy. Accessibility to information and results will be possible through the allocation of financial resources and translation and adaptation into several languages. Objective is to facilitate accessibility to information on these horizontal measures of Cluj EYC 2015.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

20 Romanian participants (prosecutors, project managers, youth project managers, multipliers).
1 Portuguese Trainer, Mr. Carlos de Sousa Santos
1 Romanian Trainer, Mr. Andras Farkas
3 Coordinators from Cluj EYC 2015

Training methods used & main activities

Simulation, group work, meta-reflection, input & presentations.
Working topics: individual youth work; planing educational activities; socio-cultural aspects of youth work; aspects of youth age psychology; working with youth groups of youth, non-formal education, value education and leadership.

Outcomes of the activity

The seminar started with the update on youth policy development on EU level and EU youth strategy. Participants tackled the ever present question why Youth Policies are needed and how to ensure the effect of Youth Strategies.

Knowing the background and needs, participants drew links between the local, national and EU youth strategies and tried to create an Event for Cluj EYC 2015 with European Dimension.

The final day focused on discussing how youth work development and mobility are addressed and supported and which instruments support one European Youth Capital.

A Share European Guide showcasing examples presented by participants and inputs from the seminar will be done for the dissemination of the seminar results to other interested practitioners, researchers, decision makers and experts in Europe and wider. (Work in Progress)

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was Trainer during all project (concept, delivery, reporting)
My task was defined during the time of Project bidding with contributions to the Concept of it.
I was in Cluj for the APV of the Seminar in May 2014 on the preparation phase for the regional input.
I had opportunity to facilitate with other Romanian trainer and after to be part of the evaluation team.
All project were coordinated by Mr. Mihai Floran, from Cluj2015 European Youth Capital.

I worked on this training for 4 days days days as a full time trainer.

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