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Replay: take a step back to make a step forward

The training activity took place
in Bari, Italy
organised by Italian NA
29/5- 3/6/2019
Reference person

Patricia Amaro

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Aims & objectives

The main aim of this training is to identify challenges youth workers/educators face in daily life with their youngsters. The purpose is to develop competences, based on the ETS competence model for youth workers. The programme will follow the needs of the participants according to the planned activities of the programme; at the same time it will provoke the participants to enlarge their own tools, based on the way they experience their learning.

pecific Objectives of this training course:

- To identify and recognize challenges when working with youth

- To explore the ETS competences model for youth workers

- To provide practical tools to be used by youth workers when providing educational activities

- To recognize the educational value of non formal activities and empowerment of youth workers

- To provide the space for different actors of education to exchange experiences and good practices

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

- Educators, like youth workers, youth leaders, teachers, who are directly working with youth and/or educational organisations, with varying level of experience in educational activities (in any organisational role; volunteers, mentors, facilitating, organizing, supporting young people, etc..)

This training program was targeted at the European level to:
- Motivated to share their work experience and challenges
- Actively seeking to improve their toolbox and enrich it with new approaches
- Available to take active part in the whole or full duration of the training course

Training methods used & main activities

Replay was a provocative opportunity to take part in a training, to explore non-formal learning, to improve the quality of youth work and to experiment practices, new tools and techniques.
The main theme of this training is to identify challenges youth workers and educators face in their daily life as youth workers and educators.
The general approach is based on the principles of non-formal education and strongly supports reflection and self-directed learning. The programme will include many different activities, discussions, open workshops to encourage critical thinking and personal contributions. A strong focus will be put on Design thinking as a method for creativity and problem solving. English will be the working language

Outcomes of the activity

We were delighted to discover that the impact of the program was not limited just to the five-days program, as participants kept disseminating Replay results in their own communities and through their own channels. E.g: A dedicated special educator speaks on an online show about the experience and the
knowledge she gained from her participation in Replay training program and how this has helped her in her daily work (post in the private Facebook group that was used for our communication with the participants). The full interview can be found here

A high school professor disseminated the knowledge gained during the TC.

Different networks and synergies were created after the completion of the TC (at least three different international project proposals were submitted under different calls)

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

During Replay I was part of all stages; conception, preparation, implementation, monitoring and evaluation. The training activities and sessions were divided equally among the team.I was responsible for the coordination of the team activities, the communication with the participants and the NA. I was also responsible for the creation of the infopack, the visuals and the communication material.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

Working with Antonela Kotsoni was very productive and stimulating. She is a trainer with immense skills, both in the construction of the session plan and in team cooperation. Has a great sense of responsibility and organization. Brings a variety of digital skills to the team.
She has a lot of knowledge in Non formal Education. It is great to work with her :)

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