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R u online? Seminar Tampere, Finland

The training activity took place
in Tampere | Oulo, Finland
organised by CIMO
17 - 24 february 2013

Aims & objectives

R U ONLINE?' Training course will tackle the issue of internet and online practices that influence young people's life and the profession of youth work. The 6 day training course will follow the approach 'Context out' that youth work activities should be implemented where the young people are choosing to be.
Understanding better this medium will also help and assist those working with young people to use this same medium as a tool to work better with young people. Democracy, E-participation, effects of media, Inclusion and online/offline identity will also be looked at during the TC to also get an insight of how online is shaping the minds of the young.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Ossi-Pekka Ollikainen (Finland)

Eduardo Rodrigues (Portugal)
Nerijus Kriauciunas (Lithuania)
Clive Bonnici (Malta)

Participants (young people and youth leaders)
Italy. Germany. Finland, Sweden, UK, Romania, Slovakia, Poland, Turkey, Armenia

Training methods used & main activities

he methodology used to conduct the whole training course will be based on non-formal education. Workshops, Group work, Improv theatre, Role playing will all be some of the non-formal methods used for this training course. This non-formal environment will create space were participants will not only learn about the topic covered but also acquire other soft skills such as Teamwork, leadership, negotiation, inter cultural communications which are an essential competence in today's European youth work. This environment will also challenge the participants to risk getting out of their comfort zone and learn new skills from the trainers and the participants themselves.

Outcomes of the activity

there will be an increase in intercultural awareness and increase in knowledge about different cultures around Europe. Topics such as, Media and young people, E-participation, Copyright, Online Identity and cyber bullying will also increase the knowledge of participants about this subject and they will become aware of all the changes which are taking place. In addition to this they will also learn about different online tools which they might use within their organization and they will be able to be more effective when dealing with young people.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Designing of the Seminar
- Communication with participants before the actual Seminar
- Logisitics during the Seminar
- Ensure that the methods used during the Seminar are in effecient with all the particants
- Implimentation of the training
- Final reporting

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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