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Put it in Action

The training activity took place
in Motta di Campodolcino Italy
organised by MyGenta
12-19 June 2015

Aims & objectives

That training course “Put It in Action” aimed to develop participants’ skills on social entrepreneurship, financial management, creativity, soft skills, strategic planning of the ideas.
It was designed for youth workers and youth leaders to explore methods of working with youth on the topic of social entrepreneurship and practical skills on running the social enterprise with their organizations.
The whole project was built up and developed in accordance with the objectives and the priorities of the Erasmus+ Programme.
The objectives of the training course were:
1) To develop creative thinking, soft skills, financial management, strategic planning of the ideas and social entrepreneurship skills of youth workers and youth leaders.
2) To teach youth workers how to motivate young people in developing entrepreneurial paths.
3) To offer a basic training on how to develop, validate and implement social entrepreneurial projects. 4) To explore practical ways of supporting young people set up social enterprises, taking into consideration legal, financial, management and social requirements.
5)To equip youth workers and leaders with tools and methods designed to develop entrepreneurial skills among young people.
6) To develop new methods and tools of working on the topic of social entrepreneurship.
7) To provide participants with the opportunity to exchange experience and expertise in the field of
social entrepreneurship.
8) To inform the participants about opportunities to develop new projects under the Erasmus+ Programme, as well to support establishment of new partnerships, especially with Eastern Partnership countries.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

26 youth workers and youth leaders (except facilitators and support stuff) from both Programme countries (Spain, Hungary, Romania, Turkey, Netherlands, Italy and Slovenia) and Eastern Partnership countries (Belarus, Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia, Moldova and Azerbaijan)

Training methods used & main activities

We used specific methods and tools on the project topic the trainers will use business model canvas, CEFE, XMind, creativity tools, brainstorm maps, logical framework, problem tree , etc.

Outcomes of the activity

The main results of the project was given by the activities for young people on the topic of social entrepreneurship implemented by project participants in the countries and social enterprises created by young people after these activities. We expected that the training course was helping the organizations to start to run their own social enterprises. Also the project increased the quality of youth activities and projects on local and international levels, including new cooperation with Eastern Partnership countries.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the general coordinator of the project and trainer together with 2 other components of the team.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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