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Promote yourself! Long-term training on visibility, dissemination and exploitation of results (DEOR) within Erasmus+: Youth projects

The training activity took place
in Vilnius, Lithuania
organised by This training is co-organised by the Lithuanian, Slovenian, Croatian, and Hungarian National Agencies for the Erasmus+ Youth programme and SALTO South East Europe Resource Centre
5-9 September 2016

Aims & objectives

This training course was part of long-term cooperation between Lithuanian, Slovenian, Hungarian and Croatian National Agencies for Erasmus+ and SALTO South East Europe. Previously, one training course took part in Slovenia (December, 2015) as well as practising and implementing in local realities part (January-June, 2016). This training course was a third phase of this long-term training. The training course was open to participants from Programme Countries and South East Europe Balkan countries.

The aim of this long-term training was to offer support for the applicants and beneficiaries of the programme for successful planning and implementation of visibility and DEOR strategies within their Erasmus+: Youth projects.
• To offer the participants a structured and professional support for quality implementation of visibility and DEOR strategies of their approved and upcoming E+ Youth projects
• To enable participants to test in practice innovative use of different communication channels and tools
• To offer a chance to share examples of practices in the area of visibility and DEOR activities
• To collect feedback from the participants on the challenges they faced when preparing their visibility and DEOR plans

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The international team included 2 experts, 2 trainers, 4 representants from Slovenian, Hungarian and Lithuanian NAs.

Participants were 30 members of organizations implementing Erasmus+ projects from Program Countries and South East Europe Balkan countries.

• had at least one concrete experience with project communication or are responsible for visibility in their organisation
• had actively participated in the planning and implementation of at least one mobility activity within Erasmus+ Youth or Youth in Action programme
• had applied for the Erasmus+ Youth project grant in 2016 (as an applicant or partner organisation)
• wanted to increase the overall impact of their project by ensuring visibility and effective dissemination and exploitation of project results with the help of communication experts and trainers
• had motivation to reflect on the past communications connected to your projects, share their experience with other participants, explore the expectations of the Erasmus+: Youth programme in the area of impact, visibility and dissemination and exploitation of results, upgrade their communication to reach set aims, discover innovative use of different communication channels and tools to communicate meaningfully about their projects, learn and put it into practice in a learning community.

Training methods used & main activities

The training aimed at offering support for the applicants and beneficiaries of the programme for successful planning and implementation of visibility and DEOR strategies within their Erasmus+ Youth projects. Some of the methods used were:
- get to know each other games
- inspirational videos
- discussions in small groups
- individual mind maps
- presentation on various topics of the training
- workshops on different online and offline tools: videoscribe, infographics, Google for Non-profits, events, street actions, instagram, etc.
- reflection groups

Outcomes of the activity

Participants developed skills to build their strategic communication plans, received various online and offline tools to use for implementing DEOR measures for their projects, learned new ways to evaluate their DEOR activities, received customized feedback and support for their DEOR plan from communication experts, trainers and NAs representants, exchanged good practices in terms of DEOR measures.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Together with my colleagues, I was involved in designing the program, implementing the learning activities during the training course, evaluate the activities, developing the final report.

I worked on this training for 4 days days as a full time trainer.

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