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PRISMA TC (Projects: Resources, Insights and Management - a Social Media Approach)

The training activity took place
in Bucharest, Romania
organised by GEYC
November 29th - December 7th, 2014

Aims & objectives

O1- to empower the participants in using social media tools for project management (collaborative work, time management, internal communication, visibility);
O2- to create a European network of organisations interested in developing their capacity through social media tools;
O3- to promote Erasmus+ framework in order to encourage participants to develop future projects together;
O4- promoting cultural diversity in a European context;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group: Youth workers, project managers, youth leaders from European and neighboring countries.

Countries involved: 22 youth organisations from 12 countries (Bulgaria, Croatia, Estonia, Greece, Italy, Netherlands, Poland, Romania and Turkey - EU/Programme countries and Moldova, Ukraine and Armenia- Eastern Europe & Caucasus)

Training methods used & main activities

Nonformal education methods based on active involvement of the participants: ice-breakers, energisers, simulation exercises, workshops, case-studies, debates, reflection groups, field study, conferences, working in online environment, working in intercultural subgroups, intercultural evening, NGO market etc.

Outcomes of the activity

PO1- [1] NGO markets;
PO2- [4] tutorials corresponding to the 4 pillars of the training course: collaborative work, time management, internal communication, visibility;
PO3- [1/participant] Youthpass Certificates;
PO4- [1] digital leaflet on the topic of "7 tips for collaborative work";
PO5- [1] digital leaflet on the topic of "7 tips for time management";
PO6- [4-5] project ideas;

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the leading trainer of the educational activities.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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