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Path to success - Unleash the entrepreneurial potential of your youngsters

The training activity took place
in Arenas de San Pedro, Spain
organised by Asociación Jóvenes Solidarios

Aims & objectives

The main aim of “Path to success: Unleash the entrepreneurial potential of your youngsters” is to prepare youth workers to stimulate their young people in a holistic way to find their way as entrepreneurs. We equip the youth workers with methods and tools to discover their competences from different angles and to clarify their own understanding of it. Moreover, we provide them practical tools and methods to work with when helping young people to explore their own sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Trainers: Dominique Verschuren - Netherlands
Alberto García and Monia Wisniewska - Spain
Countries participating: Spain, Belgium, Armenia, Romania, Turkey, Lithuania, Portugal, Bulgaria and Macedonia

Training methods used & main activities

This non-formal education training course will be characterized by highly participatory, interactive and experiential methods. The working methods will include case studies, working in pairs and small groups, team building activities, discussions, workshops developed by the participants, self-assessment and theoretic input sessions. The participants will share experiences and knowledge with each other. This process, in balance between theoretic information and a self-directed learning approach will be facilitated by the trainers.
It’s worth to mention that entrepreneurship is the primary source of innovation and it might implies the development of new perspectives and business methodologies both for business already running and for new entities. That’s why entrepreneurship might apply for every kind of entities, including non-for-profit ones.

Outcomes of the activity

Taking under consideration the objectives of the project, the participants have achieve following results:
• To become more aware of themselves as youth workers, rely on their own resources, and in so doing be enabled to make conscious choices and decisions that fit with their professional goals in life.
• To have gained a broader understanding of what entrepreneurship means.
• To have gained knowledge about skills and qualities needed to become an entrepreneur.
• To have found (new) ways to empower young people to become more active in their communities.
• To discover how to rely on powerless, inconvenient feelings we encounter in professional life and deal constructively with them.
• To have learned from shared best practices and useful methods and to have gained innovative ideas concerning the objectives of this TC.
• To transfer the pax' learning to their work with young people and to enable them to support their own young people through the same process as during this TC.
• To have reflected on our own learning process by using the Key Competences from the YouthPass.
• To see the new Erasmus+ Youth in Action program and its actions as a tool to support the objectives of this training and for future co-operations and projects

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Coordination tasks
Training sessions related to the pedagogic part of teaching entrepreneurship competences to young people.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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