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On arrival training - EVS Large Scale

The training activity took place
in Tarragona, Spain
organised by FundaciĆ³ Tarragona 2017

Aims & objectives


Support a long-term strategy of promoting volunteering as opportunity for young people to develop themselves

Provide a space for young people coming from 21 countries to share, learn and grow through common actions based on voluntary work and active participation in the community, with a special remark on the

Development of coordination and soft skills for employability and a more effective entrepreneurship attitude

Foster the intercultural dialogue supported by the integration and contact with both the international framework of the Games and the local activities aimed at fostering ICL learning and common understanding

Highlights the values of solidarity, tolerance, cooperation, respect for human rights as main tools for a more inclusive society, along with a focus on peace education

Enhance the participation and integration of young people with fewer opportunities, facing geographical, cultural, social and economical in being active in their community and realizing their ideas, thanks to the inspiration given by taking part in such a big event

Boost the cooperation and networking of different stakeholders coming from several communities, in order to create bridges and establish synergies among organizations of the civil society, institutions and stakeholders

Promote Erasmus+ programme, enhancing mobility opportunities of young people in quality project which will provide important lifelong experiences for personal and professional development of youth at International level(EU,SEE and EUROMED)

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

82 participants in 4 groups from 22 of the countries who take part in the Mediterranean Games, 32 different nationalities, including South Sudan, Colombia and Syria.
6 International trainers from 6 countries + 4 facilitators + 3 logistic staff

Training methods used & main activities

Forum Theatre
Sinking sand - Salto youth
the EVS journey from Salto-youth
Learning diary
EVS related workshop

Outcomes of the activity

the group was more aware about the EVS procedure, rights and duties. The training helped to create a good environment, to make competences emerge and provide a space for confrontation and reflection. At the same time, participants got hints on big sport event organization. Final booklet

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

co-trainer and project coordinator

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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