This is a reference for Jan Van Hove

Module International

The training activity took place
in Oostduinkerke (Belgium)
organised by Jint (N.A. Belgium-FL) with MJA
april 2004

Aims & objectives

(also organised in 2003, 2004, 2005, 2006, 2007 and 2009 in other countries)

Overall aim: To raise understanding and to enable participants to implement intercultural learning in a youth- exchange, based on action1 of the youth-programme


- To raise awareness about what is INTER CULTURAL LEARNING and what’s behind it
- To raise awareness about an ICL-dimension in a youth-exchange
- To raise awareness/understanding of values of intercultural learning on a youth-exchange
- to increase competences for facilitating the intercultural process on a youth-exchange
- to increase competences to bring this concept of ICL into the practice of youth exchanges
- to raise understanding how to use ICL-tools properly

- To raise awareness of the importance of team work in an action1-youth exchange
- To raise team work competencies of working in team
- To gain experience in how to deal with conflicts in international team

- To raise understanding of group dynamics in ICL-context

- to provide information about what is behind the youth programme & action1

- To provide hints (tips & trick) in order to increase the chances for successfully YE

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group (version 2004):
starting organisers of action1 projects from Latvia, Poland, Italy and Belgium-FL

Team was composed by 1 Belgian trainer, 1 Italian trainer, 1 Polish trainer, and 1 Slovak trainer

Training methods used & main activities

We used instructionmethods, interactionmethods, methods with tasks, cooperationmethods, game-methods…
Sessions were developped with methods such as brainstorming, case studies, different types of discussions, facilitation, questionnaires, presentations, role-plays, simulation, and a lot other methods.

Outcomes of the activity

summary of the evaluation available at the NA-Belgium-FL

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

trainer & coordinator

I worked on this training for 8 days as a full time trainer.

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