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Mentors adventure in EvsLand

The training activity took place
in Sremski Karlovci ( Serbia )
organised by Ivana Volf
10th - 18th March 2012

Aims & objectives

The idea for this project came as a result of long experience with hosting EVS volunteers that all the promoters have. We’ve realised that the role of mentor is very important, if not crucial, in supporting the volunteer in his/her learning process, adaptation to the local environment and for personal and emotional support. We also recognised the need for training and on-going support for mentors in their every-day work with volunteers.
Therefore the overall aim of the project is to ensure the quality of future EVS projects implemented in partnerships with organisations from EU, SEE and EEC countries.
Specific objectives are:
• To build capacities of 24 mentors for leading the EVS volunteers through the process of intercultural learning, giving them emotional support and guiding their self-directed learning.
• To provide space for partnership building between organisations from EU, SEE and EEC that would lead to new EVS projects.
Capacity building of mentors that are supporting the volunteers through the process of learning, emotional growth and interculturality will result in implementation of higher quality EVS projects. Consequently, this will lead to the creation of support systems within the organizations that are open for and capable to deal with EVS challenges.
By increasing intercultural sensitivity of mentors they are becoming capable to guide EVSers through their ICL processes in order to open them for cultural diversities and enable understanding between young people in different countries.
Through possibility to work on particular EVS projects during TC and by creation of an online platform the ground for long lasting partnerships at the European level will be set. EVS experience which is influencing personal growth and development of young people is promoting the volunteering itself, on international but also local level and fostering participation of youth in different fields.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The trainersteam were 3,2 people form serbia and Myself (..:) Spain)
Mentors’ Adventure in EVS Land” is an 8-day training course for 22 EVS mentors from 6 countries of EU, SEE and EEC (Serbia, Macedonia, Georgia, Romania, Italy and Spain) that will take place in the second half of March 2012 in Sremski Karlovci, Serbia. The main aim of the project is to ensure the quality of future EVS projects implemented in partnerships with organisations from EU, SEE and EEC countries.

Training methods used & main activities

- Non formal dynamics,learning by doing... etc.

Outcomes of the activity

- Training for current or future mentors and the creation of an international mentors support network on FB

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

On chargeof the EVScycle training, and the roleof the mentors there,and alsoto developeteam building activities. Anyway the three trainers were invlved the 8 dayssharing tasksand responsabilities at the same level

I worked on this training for 9 days as a full time trainer.

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