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Life Love Youthpass II

The training activity took place
in Mollina, Spain
organised by Spansh NA
29th Feb-5th March 2016
Reference person

Clara Giberga

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Aims & objectives

The second edition of “Life Love Youthpass” training course aims at highlighting and enhancing the quality of the educational aspects within EVS. The focus will be on exploring the learning process within EVS and, in particular, on understanding Youthpass as a tool for learning and on developing skills in how to transfer the learning outcomes into the Key Competences of Youthpass.

- To understand the concept of EVS as an educational programme and
- to discover the philosophy behind Youthpass.
- To explore the dimension of learning within EVS project and to connect it with non formal/informal and self-directed learning.
- To develop competences on facilitating the learning process and on the self-assessment of learning outcomes in EVS.
- To develop competences on the implementation of the Youthpass as a process, learning how to use it as tool for learning recognition.
- To provide a clear understanding of the key competence within Youthpass.
- To reflect on the role of the Youthpass support person regarding the learning of the EVS volunteer.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target group:

The training course targets mentors or persons in EVS receiving organisations responsible for supporting the Youthpass process. The selected participants are expected to have the basic knowledge and/or experience in EVS in order to be able to benefit from the training. The organisations participants represent should hold a valid EVS accreditation or be in the process of accreditation.
Countries involved, Spain, Slovenia, Bulgaria, Turkey, Lithuania, Hungary, Romania and Italy. The training team was made up of 2 trainers 1 from Barcelona and myself from Ireland

Training methods used & main activities

The methodology used in this training will be based on new and creative experiential learning processes and non-formal education. Participants will explore but also experience these processes themselves during the training through reflection of learning and by discovering their own way of learning to learn (L2L).

Outcomes of the activity

During the training course participants had the opportunity to reflect, explore and question their own understanding of learning. We supported them to develop their own approach and action plan to help EVS volunteers on their learning journey. In order to gain that, participants were guided through their own pathway of learning, supported by the other participants and trainers in order to achieve a greater understanding of the entire Youthpass process and its key competences. The overall outcome was a better supporter and higher quality of Youthpasses from partner organisations

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

There were 2 full time trainer of which I was one. Together we redsigned the programme to met the needs of the participants.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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