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Juggling Water 2012

The training activity took place
in United Kingdom
organised by Theatr Cynefin
14-20 July 2012
Reference person

Branka Bajic

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Aims & objectives

Juggling Water 2012 was a Drums for Peace and The Republic of the Imagination Network project that aimed to train cultural youth workers in skills in Youth Exchange facilitation. The objective of the 6 day training was to expand the knowledge, skills and confidence in the network in the art of facilitating creative intercultural exchanges, to enable there to be a register of facilitators available to the network and also to introduce to new organiations the particular Drums for Peace way of facilitating youth exchanges.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The group were 30 cultural youth workers and young representatives from youth organizations from Romania, Estonia, Serbia, Albania and Wales.

The training team remained the same as Juggling Water the year before - Richardt Nielsen from Denmark doing voice, Iwan Brioc Wales doing mastery of mind and me creative movement-authentic body.

Training methods used & main activities

After a welcome meeting on the evening of the 14th the following three days were given respectively to Creative Movement, Authentic Voice and Mastery of the Mind.

At the end of each day the group was divided into three tutor groups to feedback on the day’s activities and also to discuss the relevance of the activities to the promotion of creative citizenship.

On the fifth day each tutor group devised and delivered a workshop to the rest of the group.

On the final day the groups received feedback on their workshops, we evaluated the whole training and in the afternoon went sightseeing.

Imperative to the process were the evening activities, which included a guided walk through the town, a cultural evening a Welsh folk dance and a final party.

Outcomes of the activity

The training enabled more people to take on the role of facilitator in Youth Exchanges, and those who already doing so learnt some new skills to do it better. Thie training will improve the quality of the experience for young people not only from these organizations but from all the network partners who participate in Republic of the Imagination and Drums for Peace Youth Exchanges.

The project on a local level was part of a wider project Theatr Cynefin is co-ordinating in partnership with youth projects in the vicinity. Welsh participants who came from these projects and their youth projects benefited from new relationships established with the two networks which came together to host this training and this will had a impact and multiplier effect by introducing staff from these organizations to the the two networks.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I co-ordinated and the training as well as delivering the creative movement workshop.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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