This is a reference for Lidija Djukes (ex Buric)

Intercultural Bridge Builders

The training activity took place
in Hódmezővásárhely, Hungary
organised by YOPA - Youth for Participation Association
Reference person

Vojislava Tomic

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Aims & objectives

Aim - To support young people in improving their youth worker skills and competences within the framework of projects on intercultural communication
Issues with the objectives:
- Scratching the surface - promoting or are the trainers wishing to go deeper with the participants.
- Depending on the level that the trainers wish to facilitate the participants. Chosen participants may be considered as beginners and as a result they may get lost if the training is aimed to high.
- Raise awareness may be looked at as deeper / to be aware is promoting the aspects of the topic.
( discussion around the use of the underlined words and the reference to them for this training)

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Team was composed of Vojislava Tomic, Behrooz M Afsahari and Endre Kiss.
Training was for 35 participants (youthworkers and youth leaders from SEE and YiA programme countries)

Training methods used & main activities

The entire course is designed as a mutual learning situation, using several diverse methods. Trainers will establish a theoretical framework and common reference points for learning and communication in this course, and they will also provide a framework where participants will be able to experience how to prepare, run and evaluate non-formal education methods. The course programme and contents are organised to allow for the maximum participation of the group using active and participatory methods.
Some of the methods that we used for this target group are:
- Theoretical inputs
- Individual / group activities
- Group exercises
- Small group work
- Case Studies
- Life stories
- Practical exercises

Outcomes of the activity

The outcomes of the activity were a resource pack made from the methods of the training course.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I worked on this training as a full time trainer responsible for preparation (preparing methodological approach and sessions development), implementation (delivering sessions and facilitation of group work) and evaluation of the activity together with my trainer's colleagues.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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