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InclusiON NOW!

The training activity took place
in Online (Armenia)
organised by Armenian Progressive Youth
7 - 21st December 2020
Reference person

Anna Tovmasyan

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Aims & objectives

Exploring how to outreach and involve young people more effectively;
Learning how to deal with multiple factors of exclusion;
developing strategies for more inclusivity of youth organizations;
Acquiring new tools and methods of youth inclusion;
Sharing experiences and challenges of youth inclusion in the Eastern Partnership countries;
Learning best practices of increasing inclusiveness of youth work provided to the disadvantaged young people;
network and develop partnerships.

The Online Course focused on hands-on approach and practical strategies for achieving inclusive youth work in youth organizations in the Eastern Partnership countries.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Youth workers from Ukraine, Moldove, Georgia, Belarus and Armenia made up the target group, while the international pool of trainers were coming from Ireland, Armenia, Spain, Ukraine and United Kingdom (me), although located currently in Armenia, Belgium, Ukraine and Spain (me).

Training methods used & main activities

Online presentation, group work, interactive activities and games, digital tools such as Miro and Menti.

Outcomes of the activity

The participants acquired from this training course specific knowledge about inclusive strategies for youth work, diverse power dynamics, the theory of change model and community mapping, among others. They also got to grips with some brand new digital tools for upscaling their work in the current climate and they took away group spirit and enthusiasm for future projects through networking and pooling their experience and ideas.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Design of specific sessions, adaptation of non formal methods online, facilitation of sessions, technical support, contribution to final report.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

Testimonial of the reference person

I, Anna Tovmasyan, the project coordinator, do confirm all the above-mentioned information related to the project.
It was my utmost pleasure to work with Ms Morgaine Green in the frame of the project.
Over 30 applications, she was one of 5 trainers who was selected by our committee for delivering the training.
Ms. Morgaine Green has the exceptional:
- knowledge on the topics covered by the training (inclusion, diversity, social identities, power dynamics, youth participation and involvement, work with marginalized youth, community mapping plan, etc.);
- previous experience on the topics;
- skill of being a good team player;
- proficiency level of the English language;
- skill at using online tools;
- experience leading online courses, webinars and workshops․
Ms Morgaine Green is a very detail-oriented, responsible, knowledgeable person, in other words a real professional in her sphere. I do hope to colloborate with her on our upcoming projects.

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