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The training activity took place
in Liepaja, Latvia
organised by Liepajas Jaunie Vanagi

Aims & objectives

Main aim of the training course is to develop skills and knowledge for youth leaders and trainers, who are involved in a work with social risk group youth, using non-formal methodology, based on social inclusion.
To make strategy to create new local groups for to work with social inclusion.
Increase awareness about human rights and social inclusion principles.
To analyze situation on inclusion in European context.
Sharing experience and develop knowledge about inclusion.
Get knows new methods and resources available on COMPAS and ALL TOGETHER.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The course was open for 25 participants from organisations located in Latvia, Slovenia, Romania, Lithuania, Czech Republic, Finland, Slovakia, Estonia, Spain, Austria.
There were no age limit. Cource was organized for youth vorkers and trainers.

Training methods used & main activities

Program started with getting know each other, ice-breaking. After we had introduction in social inclusion, and each country did a presentation about inclusion in their own countries.
Participants had presentation about existing handbook on inclusion ALL TOGETHER, and also have space to try some of those methods in practice.
Work mainly was orginized in small groups. Also simulation games was a big part of program.
In practical part there were activities for children and youngsters with disabilities in Liepaja city. Also we had experts who are working with disable people every day and introduce participants with Universal design principles.
And there were be 2 days of outdoor activities, where all methods used in practice.
At the end we build strategies for to work with this topic in groups in partnerorganisations.

Outcomes of the activity

After TC almost all participants said, they gonna work with inclusion topics in their organizations. For some of them, that TC was the first international expierence in cooperation level.
Some new groups were created, who is going to work in their organizations about social inclusion.
New cooperation between organizations was established.
Increased awareness about human rights and social inclusion principles.
We shared experience and develop knowledges about inclusion.
TC was mentioned in local news and newspapers. As example, here is web link

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I make the project and create programm. After organize training and lead all programm in trainer team. My tasks was mainly to facilitate parts in programm about getting to know each other and organisations, ice breaking, team building, evaluation, social inclusion, how to create groups for to work with topic, practical work with disable people, creating of strategy.

I worked on this training for 10 days as a full time trainer.

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