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The training activity took place
in Grzybowo, Poland
organised by Chrzescijanska sluzba charytatywna oddzial Lubuski

Aims & objectives

The main objective of this project is to equip youth workers in reliable knowledge about sexting , sexualization combined with new technologies, which are used every day by young people.
Secondary objectives of the project are:
- Provide reliable knowledge to youth education
- Prevention of dysfunctional behavior
- Achieve greater awareness of the dangers of using the internet
- Equipment youth workers with the necessary tools to react when it comes to sexting
- Increasing knowledge about the safe use of electronic devices related to new media
- Equipped with knowledge on new technologies
- Awareness of how "sexualization" affects the phenomenon sexting
- To gain knowledge to this role in the process of sexualisation of media

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Italy, Greece, Poland, Turkey, Romania

Training methods used & main activities

The four partner organizations have chosen the nonviolent education and the Theater of the Oppressed (TO) methods. Both go further the traditional education system based on unidirectional knowledge communication. TO and nonviolent education look for the sharing of common knowledge based on the daily life experiences. The tow methods give priority to the discussion, to the learning process ant to the creativity as powerful change tools.
During the training, the young people were involved in a series of workshops in the field:
- Getting to know each other (team building, games registered, etc.) As well as learning about the place of training
- Presentation of your country / region / district (local community (eg. SWOT analysis)
- Themed activities in the field of sexualization , sexting, abuse of the Internet (prevalence, the sender and the recipient content, the rock, the motivation of sending content)
- Activities in the field of new technologies and the dangers of not properly use their
- Work with the youth group (group process, standards development, psycho-social and sexual)
- My own resources (analysis of their own competence to work with youth)
- Workshops (discussion prepared by the staff of youth issues)

Outcomes of the activity

During the project, participants had the opportunity to discuss future partnerships and projects. The design team has also created a website all participants as members to facilitate further discussion, exchange of ideas and cooperation after training. The result of this training also included knowledge that the participants gained during the training. They will use the results using the newly acquired skills and competencies in their organizations and their communities. This project has also become a good platform for creating new contacts and networks that will give participants the opportunity to create new projects.
Another very important factor in the dissemination activities were conducting training by the project participants. The target groups of the project (further training) will be young people between the age of 13-18 years old.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My role was to facilitate the course, create the settings and the group and to lead the main part of it specially the part of Theatre of the Oppressed (TO)
To coordinate all the activities which took part in it coordinating myself with the part concerning the sexting, in a more specific way, made by the other trainer, in the central part (two days) of the training course, in order to connect them with my activities and methodology. My area of expertise during the course was mainly focus on Theater of the Oppressed and non formal education and groups dynamic. During the workshop also came out a strong connection about gender issue and bulling so we worked also on this topics.

I worked on this training for 8days days as a full time trainer.

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