This is a reference for Lidija Djukes (ex Buric)

Hitchhiker’s Guide to Becoming a Trainer in YiA Series of ToT modules - 3rd module on

The training activity took place
in Orahovica, Croatia
organised by NA Croatia, NA Bulgaria, NA Cyprus, NA Czech Republic
Reference person

Marian Ancuta

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Aims & objectives

The whole series of ToT modules aiming
at skills development and quality improvement within the national trainer pools in each country The aim of the 3rd module was to explore the psychological aspects of individual and group processes in a NFE context together with the role of trainers as coaches supporting young people’s competence and personal development in the framework of YiA program.
The objectives for the 3rd module were:
- To offer trainers with an opportunity to analyze self performance and focus on strong points and image in front of a group;
- To discuss the responsibility for learning in a wider YiA context;
- To reflect upon the role of trainers as coaches in a Youthpass process.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Team of trainers was composed of Marian Ancuta (Romania) and Lidija Djukes ex Buric (Croatia) and supported by Maria Marinova-Alkaly (Bulgaria) as coordinator.

Participants were representatives of national pool of trainers of Bulgaria, Croatia, Slovakia, Czech Republic, Cyprus and France

Training methods used & main activities

- workshops
- topic inputs
- small group works
- discussions
- practice by participants in developing sessions
- debriefing
- open team meetings (Anonymous hitchhikers meetings)
- role plays

Outcomes of the activity

Training contributed to the capacity development of members of national pool of trainers. From evaluations of participants related to how do they feel about going back home and to put in practice all the acquired skills and knowledge:
- Yes. Some info & methods I want to definitely use during my trainings. And I need to read my notes, the handouts, maybe some more literature.
- When I go home (or on the way home) I will spend some time understanding what I’ve learnt. Then I can think of how I’m going to use it. But I have already decided to read again 7-kit on Training Essentials
- Absolutely, my next training is in a week time
- Yes. I learnt a lot. I’m interested now in coaching more than ever
- Yes, got enough opportunity to practice here, some new activities!
- I would use some of the games and activities learnt & the youthpass diary introduced by one of the groups
- I feel ready to go – yes and yes hope I will soon be able to put into practice what I have learnt, working with a cotrainer into a training being applied for.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was member of the team working on the preparation and development (from setting up aim and objectives through methodological concept development and preparation of session), implementation (delivering sessions, facilitating groups) and evaluating evaluations from participants and contributing to the final report.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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