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Good practices in intercultural education

The training activity took place
in Korce, Albania
organised by Youth Social Rights Network, UNited Societies of Balkans and Directorare General of Education at the Greek Consulate in Korca, Albania.
6-10 December 2016

Aims & objectives

Aim: To share good practices in the field of intercultural and human rights education that can be employed by teachers working with children from bilingual and bicultural environments and set the ground for future shared projects in the field of education, research, youth and culture.
Objectives: To explore new tools and techniques in the field of HRE and intercultural education for children, by sharing educational resources, links and methods.
To facilitate teachers’ access to education tools and training opportunities.
To present training and development opportunities offered within the Erasmus Plus Program and the Council of Europe Directorate of Youth and Democratic Participation.
To create partnerships and bonds of friendship between practitioners living and working in Greece and Albania, respectively.
To contribute to the eradication of stereotypes and prejudice which have led to the creation of reciprocal mistrust between Albanian and Greek youth.
To explore the role that educational practitioners can play in the promotion of youth, education and culture in a geographical area suffering from unemployment, poverty and lack of opportunities for young people.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Mary Drosopulos, PhD (c ), trainer/consultant in the field of youth and education.
Aurela Konduri, Albanian language tutor in Greece and researcher.
Saimira Gjapi, PhD (c ), Greek language tutor in Albania and researcher.
Marianna Dourtme, MA, educational practitioner and youth worker.
Educational practitioners from Greece and Albania working in bicultural and bilingual environments.

Training methods used & main activities

-Learn by doing, interactive methodology, activities from the Compass, sharing of good practices, learning from each other.

Outcomes of the activity

In an attempt to build bridges of friendship and set the ground for future shared projects in the field of youth, human rights and research, a team of Greek and Albanian educational practitioners & youth workers visited the bilingual school “Omiros” in Korca and shared with their colleague practitioners learning and mobility resources, educational methods and success stories in multicultural and multilingual environments.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

-Project design.
-Project coordination and management.
-Reporting and dissemination.

I worked on this training for 4 days as a full time trainer.

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