This is a reference for Enrique Miana


The training activity took place
in Arbogast, Austria
organised by aha – Tipps & Infos für junge Leute

Aims & objectives

1. Aims and objectives AHA decided to invite me to design a training with the main goal of encourage and re-motivate to youthworkers in the area for working again in the frame of youth program, looking back to the real purpose of this program. Intercultural dimension, cooperation…. We were Two coaches from Spain with the help of animativer methods push the youth workers to realise that they are in such a manner intensively animated in one only way toimpulse a youth exchange in planning to take that they are ready, despite all adversities, also the difficulties youth exchange in purchase to take. The theoretical input to the program YOUTH was not the center of attention during the program organization, was however a small component of the training. Training lived by active participation that participant inside, exchange between them, respectful open handling with one another and naturally, which the most animating actual fun!

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

2. Target group: all the participants were youthworkers, from program countries : Estonia, Slovenia, Slovaquia, Tcheq republiq,Germany, Sweden , Spain , Italy and Turky

Training methods used & main activities

3. Working Methods
educational approach, structured, planned process, but flexibility / variety of forms
- cooperative approach, self-organisation and sharing responsibility, involvement
- holistic (head, heart, hands)
- based on needs
- possibility to learn from mistakes (taking into account failure /success )
- collective effort of understanding the learning process: assessment/evaluation

Outcomes of the activity

Increase and improve the participant competences in relatio with the topic of the TC

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

4. My rol and task: this training was design by the three trainers., and thr three of them were working as a team during the whole training in all the activities.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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