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EVS Seminar about Strategic EVS and the European Solidarity Corps

The training activity took place
in Brussels
organised by DG EAC in cooperation with Salto-Inclusion and Jint
feb. 2017

Aims & objectives

• to create a better understanding about the European Solidarity Corps and Strategic EVS
• to identify which concrete steps can be made by the national agencies on the short term and identity concrete actions that can be done to get some quick wins for uplifting the EVS on the short term.
• to identify which obstacles can be removed in the accreditation procedure

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Participants' group was composed by 44 staff members of 33 National Agencies.

The team was composed by
Robert France (DG EAC)
Stéphanie Frangou (DG EAC)
Artur Payer (DG EAC)
Jan Van Hove (free lance trainer)

Training methods used & main activities

a variety of group discussions
open space technology

Outcomes of the activity

The outcome was that people went home with a better understanding of the European Solidarity Corps and Strategic EVS, together with ideas what the next steps are.

The NA staff indicated in the evaluation that the meeting met their expectations (with an average score of 4,22/5), and sessions got an average score ranging from 4/5 till 4,7/5 (1=not useful at all, 5 = very useful)

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- to design the programme of the seminar
- to invent interactive methods for exchanging opinions, building idea's, creating a lively discussion amongst the NA's and the DG EAC
- to facilitate the seminar
- to make the report of the seminar

I worked on this training for 2 days as a full time trainer.

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