This is a reference for Michail DRAKOMATHIOULAKIS

EVS On Arrival Training

The training activity took place
in Nicosia, Cyprus
organised by Cyprus NA

Aims & objectives

Aims & objectives

To introduce the hosting country and the projects’ environment to incoming volunteers and to empower them so that they cope with the challenges that will occur during their stay and activation.

1) To get to know each other but also to get acquainted with other actors related to the EVS programme in Cyprus (National Agency, trainers).
2) To bring volunteers in a primary contact with Cypriot cultural characteristics.
3) To create an informal volunteers’ network that will constitute a means for mutual support and exchange of experience during their project.
4) To foster communication skills so that integration of the volunteers in the local community is accelerated and the odds of success of the project are increased. These skills are related to the topics: interculturality and conflict resolution.
5) To provide participants with space and support for reflection on their future as volunteers (but also, in general) and, as well, for the setting up of an action plan as a compass for the results that are sought after by each individual.
6) To exchange first experiences with regards to the volunteers’ hosting projects.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

This is a training, part of the EVS Training and Evaluation Cycle, for EVS Volunteers in Cyprus.

Training methods used & main activities

1) Work in small groups (e.g. for exploring the local reality).
2) Self-reflection time (e.g. for creating one's personal action and learning plan during the EVS period).
3) Simulation exercise on ICL.
4) Use of the card game "The 7 families", developed by "La Valise", an informal network of associations working on HRE and ICL.
5) Use of the card game "Learning in Transition", developed by Paola Bortini and Peter Hofmann.

Outcomes of the activity

The evaluation of the meeting by the participants, especially in relation to its objectives, clearly states that is was a success.
For further info about the results, you may contact the Cyprus NA.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Due to the small number of participants (11 volunteers), I as the only trainer for this training.
My responsibilites included, among others:

1) Organising and running all the sessions.
2) Creating a supportive and friendly learning environment during the formal and the informal time of the training.
3) Supporting the participants in achieving their learning objectives.
4) Authoring the training report.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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