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EVS On-arrival, July 2015, Sofia

The training activity took place
in Sofia, Bulgaria
organised by NA HRDC
27-31 July 2015
Reference person

Svetozar Daskalov

(Chief expert KA1, "Youth activities" Department, Bulgarian Erasmus+ NA (HRDC))
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Aims & objectives

The main objective of the on-arrival training is to introduce the volunteers to the host country, preparing them for the service period and the EVS experience. On-arrival training helps the volunteers adapt to cultural and personal challenges. It allows volunteers to get to know each other and to build a network. Volunteers should also receive guidance on conflict
prevention and crisis management.
At the same time, this training equips the volunteers with communication skills, including aspects of intercultural learning. It helps them become aware that cultural differences require different models of behaviour. The training is
also a time for the volunteers to plan the coming months and to develop their own personal goals for their period of service, in line with the nonformal learning philosophy of EVS.
If volunteers have already spent time in their Receiving organisation, they exchange their first experiences and clarify questions related to their project.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

31 volunteers from 12 countries: Belgium, Spain, Italy, Latvia, Portugal, Romania, Slovakia, Tanzania, Turkey, Uganda, France, Czech Republic.

The team was of two trainers.

Training methods used & main activities

Learning by doing / experience activities
Outdoor activities
Guided exercises
Team building games
Sharings in couples, small group and open general sharing
Coaching questions
Personal goal setting

Outcomes of the activity

The volunteers gained detailed understanding of the EVS as a process in which there are many 'actors' involved: SO, RO, CO, NA, SALTO, volunteer, locals, mentor, supervisor.
The EVSers got knowledge about the different roles, rights and responsibilities and at the end of the training shared that they are now more confident, enthusiastic and equipped to deal with whatever comes during their service.
Now the volunteers know what is EVS info kit, how to take care of themselves using AXA / MSH insurance plan, youthpass and the 8 key competences.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Full-time trainer, responsible for the program, delivery and quality check for compliance with the EVS TEC GUIDELINES AND MINIMUM QUALITY STANDARDS.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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