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EVS Mid- Term Training

The training activity took place
in Malta
organised by Malta National Agency
5 - 7 April 2013

Aims & objectives

- Toencourage volunteers to evaluate their experience so far and to reflect on the activities, the role and support of the Host Organisation, and the volunteers' own contribution.
- To equip the volunteer with risk prevention and crisis management skills.
- To encourage volunteers to share positive experiences and find further motivation.
- To learn from everybody's “EVS story” and enables the volunteers to work on developments and/or further improvements in their Service. –
- To increase the awareness of the personal learning process, linking it to the key competences of Youthpass.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

- Target: EVS volunteer staying in Malta
- Volunteers were coming from
- Ireland
- Germany
- Italy
- Spain
- France
- Working team
Clive Bonnici & Joe Teuma (both Maltese)

Training methods used & main activities

Non formal methods was used throughout the Training course. Two main activities marked the highlight of this Training course

Title: Out and Around
Description: The volunteer were divided into 4 groups fo 5 volunteer each coming form different hosting organizations. The volunteer were given the task to go and visit a typical local village (each group was assigned different villages). They had to accomplish the following tasks

1. Try to find a person who knows what EVS means… It they never heard about EVS be kind and tell them what it is…not tell him (keep looking for a person who might know… if you collect 3 people who are not aware of what EVS is…you can stop there) important to film or photograph this…we need a prove)
2. Find an organization in the town which is ran by volunteers. If you don’t know…ask around. I am sure they will direct you to a place!! Take some pics and if you manage to take some comments about why is it that people offer their time and energy as a volunteers in those organizations.
3. Without buying it… get an egg (chicken egg) and it has to be signed by the person who gave you the egg (with a photo as a proof)
4. Find something of cultural importance in the town that you are in. take a pic and also give your interpretation to it. (we appreciate creativity and humor)
5. Since we are all becoming very environmental aware… Do something nice to the environment. (Don’t forget the photo!!)
6. Using the piece of plasticine you have with you… as a group come up with an original creation which represents your EVS experience so far. As a background of the creation you should have the local parish church.
7. Tonight we will be having the Theme party… please according to the tasks decided before starting this activity…go and buy the things… Imp to keep with the budget and keep all receipts.

These tasks relfectes some of the Youthpass key competencies which was than linked with the final session done to link with the comptencied in a concrete way

Outcomes of the activity

- The volunteer felt more at ease knowing where they stand in their EVS experience and also knowing where they need to arrive before ending this experience.
- The volunteer felt that the mid-term gave them more time to speak about their experience with the other volunteers, knowing more about other EVS experiences.
- The volunteers also felt that the atmosphere was positive and that they felt more motivated after the Training course.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

- Designing, implimentation and Reporting back to the Maltese National Agency

I worked on this training for 3 days as a full time trainer.

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