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EUtopia - The Europe we want

The training activity took place
in Pozega, Croatia
organised by Udruga Gluhih Nova Gradiška

Aims & objectives

- to promote European Citizenship among young people, get deeper in their rights as European citizens and explore European Union decision-making processes and guidelines in order to stimulate their active participation in their community and in the next election;
- to reflect on the role of young European citizens, the challenge related to the enlargement of European Union and the inclusion strategies of young people with fewer opportunities, highlighting the importance of their contribution in the civil society in order to suggest future youth policies;
- to support self-expression through non formal learning and creative thinking, overcoming cultural stereotypes and personal barriers, in order to foster cooperation, tolerance and inclusion in Europe;
- to share ideas and good practices concerning European citizenship in order build new and creative tools for activities related to the topic, which will be collected in a booklet that will be available and useful in youth work;
- to promote Youth in Action programme and its outcomes - Youth pass and competence acquirement, discuss on the future youth chapter of LLP programme, support the network of NGOs and organizations active in the youth field, giving the opportunity to develop future projects;

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

youth leaders, trainers and facilitator from Italy, Croatia, Germany, Spain, Romania, Grecia, Turkey.

Training methods used & main activities

The project explores non-formal learning methods, social media tools and intercultural learning to support participants in the learning process, in the beginning with information and online interaction among participants till the meeting days which will include a wide range of activities such as group work, presentations, brainstorming, debates, workshops and personal assignments in order to provide space to share opinions, knowledge, tools and know-how, useful in youth work.
The participants will have the chance to share their experience, to debate and plan together, discovering the needs of their communities; they will work on simulations, lead and be leaded by each other, acting in a comfortable environment that will facilitate their cross-cultural learning through creative thinking and non-formal methods which will be implemented according to the needs of the participants and youth organizations involved.

Outcomes of the activity

High awareness about European topics, Europe 2020 strategy, European insistution and European programs; all the participant were very satisfied about the high involment of the whole group and the amount of expertise they achieved in this few days of training; some of them started to work in EU programs.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

Main trainer with a facilitator, a photographer and a project manager.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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