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Enterprise - The Next Generation

The training activity took place
in Kinloss, Scotland
organised by Children & Youth in Community
23rd - 29th May 2014
Reference person

Zita Szalai

(Co-trainer & Organiser)
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Aims & objectives

• Providing space to gain a broader understanding of what "Sense of Initiative and
Entrepreneurship" is
• To uncover what the key Competence "Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship“ is
through creative methodologies
• Introducing new and innovative methods to work with this area including: Risk taking;
how to be more creative; thinking out of the box; initiative, motivation and
determination; tools for activism; Peer Support.
• Explore ways to empower young people to be more active and have a sense of
• Exploring why we need to focus on this with young people
• Sharing good practice, learning from each other
• Explore the needs of the own target group
The main focus was on exploring the Key Competence “Sense of Initiative and Entrepreneurship”. The main aim was to provide the participants of the TC with space and tools to discover the competence from different angles, to clarify their own understanding of it and equip them with practical tools and methods to work with when helping young people to explore their own sense of initiative and entrepreneurship.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Target Group:
● Multipliers
● Teachers seeking new inspiration on how to include enterpreneurship into their work
● Students / leaders in student organisations
● Trainers
● Youth Workers
● Employment office staff - people who work with young people to help them find jobs - and who use or could appreciate help to use more creative non formal methods
● Professionals active in youth employment & empowerment

Participants came from 8 EU countries - Hungary, Germany, Czech Republic, Spain, Austria, Croatia, Ireland, UK.

Training methods used & main activities

Small & large group work, individual reflection, reflection groups, simulation & situation activities, role plays, energisers, nature-based tools, outdoor education, way of council, world cafe, discussion, plenary.

Outcomes of the activity

The TC was a mixture of knowledge building, experiencing and sharing practice - as well as skills training. The participants are now able to work on the development of this competence with young people in their organisations. They have a set of tools and methods to use as well as ideas on how to address this issue in their communities.
We got positive feedback from participants and many new networking relationships were formed.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was responsible for on the ground logistics prior to and during the training. During the training itself I was an equal member of the team, jointly responsible for the programme design, methodologies and sessions which we ran in duos.

I worked on this training for 7 days as a full time trainer.

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