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EFPSA Academy 2018: How to be a better team member?

The training activity took place
in Amsterdam, The Netherlands
organised by EFPSA Academy
11 to 13 of May 2018
Reference person

Bára Vavřichová

(Main Trainer)
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Aims & objectives

The main topic of the training was Team Work. The goal was to raise the self-awareness of participants so that they could discover how they work in a team, which strenghts and weaknesses they have and how they can improve.
Another goal was to give them tools for their improvement as a team member.

This training was organised for student organisations (EFPSA and its partners) and aimed to improve the teams that work on the administrative level of this organisations as well as other teams related to them.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

The target group was formed by students and trainers from all over Europe: The Netherlands, Bulgaria, Turkey, Croatia, Slovenia, Spain, Czech Republic...

Training methods used & main activities

Participants were encourage to learn by doing, discussing with each other and discovering by themselves.
The first session of the event was team building and it was based on team building games.
For the feedback session, participants visualized themselves in a situation in which they were receiving feedback. They reflected on it, shared their experiences and later on we practiced how to give and receive feedback through short public speeches.
Another example can be the group dynamics session, in which participants discovered the theory of group dynamics by building a bridge themselves with some provided materials.

4MAT was the method used to structure the whole training event and its sessions. In each session participants were having active activities and games through which they were learning.

Outcomes of the activity

The training achieved its goals listed on the aims and objectives part of this form. Participants improved their skills and discovered how to be a better team member.

In this link you can find information about the event, although EFPSA Academy still did not update it:

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

We were 4 full-time trainers and I was one of them.

I worked on this training for 3 days as a full time trainer.

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