This is a reference for Monia Izabela Dericks Wisniewska

Economy of Common Good and Youthwork

The training activity took place
in Arenas de San Pedro, Spain
organised by Asociación Jovenes Solidarios
12 - 18th of October 2015

Aims & objectives

The objectives of this project:
– Improve knowledge of youth workers on the Economy for the Common Good
– Promote the Common Good Economy
– Encourage the participating to reflect on the possibilities of applying the rules proposed by the ECB in the management of our entities
– Help to define the concept of sustainability and provide concrete and practical measures to individual, those referred to in the EBC
– Strengthen further activities of each of the partners
– Promote cooperation between partners

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

28 participants, (2 youth workers/ organisation):
1. VšĮ “Edukacijos Ambasadoriai, Lithuania,
2. Youth Shake, Austria,
3. “Youth, Youth, Youth”, France,
4. London Borough of Hackney, UK
5. Patronus, Slovakia
6. Timzday Association, Morocco
7. Fundacja dla Nauki Srodowiska, Poland
8. Carpe Diem, Croacia
9. Arci Ragazzi Portici, Italy
10. Liceu Balas Soter, Romania
11. Ayuntamiento de Elche, Spain
12. Asociación AJS, Spain.

Trainers team: Monika Izabela Wisniewska, Alberto García García, Sara martin Haag and Antonio Gomez Romano.

Training methods used & main activities

Non formal learning as an organized activity, systematic, with educative purpose, done outside the formal educational frame with the aim of facilitating learning process of particular groups of adults, young people and children.
With this project we expect to achieve a major knowledge of youth and young adults about the Economy of Common Good, a greater consciousness of the need of change of the actual economic system and application of ECG within the administration and management of the organizations involved. For long term we would like to see a political willingness of our local governments to employ the ECG within the local administration and on civil lever the creation of new ATTAC Movement groups.

Outcomes of the activity

- Christian Felber, the co-creator of the ECG has accepted our invitation and came to Arenas de San Pedro to give an conference on the topic. This activity has been open and hosted around 250 people.
- The Polish participating organisation is in contact with C. Felber organising a new ECG circle in Poland.
- The Slovak and french organisation has offered the trainers team to organise the same training in their country due to its high quality.
- The Moroccan organisation wants to present a similar training to Anna Lindh Foundation.
- The coordinating and hosting organisation (AJS) has started in september 2015 a strategic partnership project with other 3 organisations which objective is to design a booklet on how to teach entrepreneurship to teenagers and young adults. After this training all partners have agreed that the base for the education proposals of the booklet has to be based on ECG. We have asked Christian Felber to mentor us during its process.
- The Arenas de San Pedro Town Hall has promised to study the ECG proposal.
- The worker in the Elche Town Hall has become member of the Alicante Energy circle.
- All participants have increased their knowledge on ECG and have praised the practical approach of the proposal.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was the coordinating trainer of this training. My task were the coordination of all sessions, implementations on sessions about the following ECG values: Common good, democratic management, solidarity and cooperation. Beside I have been actively involved in the overall sessions related to the introduction and final evaluation.

I worked on this training for 6 days as a full time trainer.

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