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E+ Dorphines - Boosting Sports in E+ projects

The training activity took place
in Oostende
organised by National Agency of Flanders (Jint) within the framework of TCA
25-30 September 2017
Reference person

Inez Adriaensen

(TCA & NET Coordinator NA BE-FL)
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Aims & objectives

main goal:
- To promote the E+ /Yia and its possibility to organisations that use sports as a methodology
- To inspire and increase capacity of sports / youth organisations and the sports/youth workers active in it, to develop international projects within the framework of E+
- To learn about E+/Youth in action, its possibilities, its actions, its benefits for youth and sports clubs/projects, and the benefits for young people
- To learn how to build international projects in E+/Youth in action
- To gain a better understanding of non-formal education methodologies, and to exchange youth work approaches and sports approaches, to learn from each other’s’ worlds (cross sectorial approach)
- To identify and clarify personal and social development competencies through sports (competence management)
- To build partnerships to start up/set up new international projects together within the framework of E+/Youth

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

trainers' team was composed by 2 Salto trainers and 1 representative of the National Agency Jint

Target group was defined as:
- Grass roots Sports-organisations that are not yet familiar with E+ but open minded to NFE (sports as a tool, not as a goal on itself), or Youth workers that are using sports methodology a lot in their organisations
- People that are working with youth in the sport
- Grass roots organisations; neighborhood sports organisations, youth clubs that regularly work on sports activities and sports organisations with youth clubs

Training methods used & main activities

non formal experiential learning methodology was used: learning by doing, by discussing and sharing, by cooperating with other participants, reflection: sharing thoughts, feelings and experiences with other participants

a range of interactive methods, as well indoor as outdoor was used.

Outcomes of the activity

- (more) E+ projects within the sports sector
- more sports organisations active in E+
- sports clubs who do more with sports then for the goal of sports
- shared a range of tools for youth work/sports work in international projects
- and the city of Ostend was promoted as the European city of sports

(final report can be asked to the Flemish NA)

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

I was one of the 2 trainers who prepared, implemented and evaluated the training course.

I worked on this training for 5 days as a full time trainer.

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