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Divufest 2013

The training activity took place
in Brno- Czech Republic
organised by Cabinet of Theatre of the Oppressed, Department of Social Education, Faculty of Education, Masaryk University in Brno
10-13 October 2013

Aims & objectives

Apart from the workshops with international lecturers festival will also offer public evening program where some of the best forum theatre groups from the Czech Republic and abroad will perform.
Presentations of other groups and evening discussions will also take place.

Target group & international/intercultural composition of the group & team

Czech Republic; Slovenia; Austria; Poland; Italy, Germany, Argentina.

The team of trainer:
Lombardi Matteo, Barbara Santos, Roberto Mazzini, María Moíño Sánchez .

Training methods used & main activities

Description about how was the workshop lead by me:

How can we use our body as a communication tool to exploring our role in the society?
"....Our Freedom is to invent ways to help to humanize Humanity, freely invading all fields of human activities: social, pedagogical, political, artistic... Theatre is a Language and so it can be used to speak about all human concerns, not to be limited to theatre itself.... “
A. Boal (2004)
Starting from the three main roots of this theatre- Images, sounds and words, rediscover the whole pleasure of playing games, rediscovering your body and than the other with respect to the dynamics of presence being in a group. Discover the various ways that our body belong to us and get back in relationship with them. The course aims to stimulate awareness of one’s being actors in the society through the theatre arts. Wants to offer the opportunity to rediscover the body as an instrument of communication and social struggle for change, rediscovering the limits and potential of it through play with it. We will work on this de-mechanizations between himself and in his relationship with his mind and with the outside world. Making this with joy, pleasure and fun.
Through game and exercise will explored the topics of power. Aim is therefore the empowerment of the individual and therefore as a group. It will then focus on the games and exercises and techniques such as image theatre, and work on trust, the power and the perception of this. All for a public use with the purpose and the propensity to social change.
The theatre of the oppressed is not intended in fact to personal change for its own sake but try this in order to search for a collective change and social oppression larger than the small daily expression of a system.
During the workshop we will talk and explore shortly some different techniques of the Theatre of the Oppressed as the Forum Theatre, Invisible Theatre, Image Theatre.

Outcomes of the activity

15 people from 8 different countries participatied at the workshop. Half of the group was made by homeless people from Prague who wanted to experience this methodology starting from the basic workshop.

Your tasks and responsibilities within the team

My role was to lead one workshop (out of the total of three) and to coordinate all the activities which took parts in it. My area of expertise was the Theatre of the Oppressed methodology and his tools.

I worked on this training for 3 days days as a full time trainer.

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